Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Julep "Hooray For May" Mystery Box - Opening and Review

Hello! Today's post is going to be an opening and review of Julep's "Hooray For May" Mystery Box! Per usual, this box was $24.99 and contained a bunch of mystery items (this time it was all nail polishes, at least from what I've seen) that were worth anywhere from $70 to $200.
It also included a special "gifting" polish that came in it's own little satchel and even included a gift tag.
Here's the box freshly opened! As you can see, I only got a $70 value box, so mine came with five polishes (one of those being one of the two new polishes Julep released to celebrate the transition from spring to summer) plus the extra "giftable" polish. $24.99 for six polishes is definitely a good deal, so I'm not too disappointed that I got a regular mystery box. I also really appreciated the cute "Aren't Surprises Fun?" card because, seriously, surprises (at least like the ones in mystery boxes!) are awesome.
This is the little satchel with my sixth, giftable polish! The little gift tag says "beauty friends forever #BFF" which is pretty cute! One thing I really like about Julep is that they really put thought into their packaging; it makes their brand and products feel that much more luxe and high-end. Admittedly, I did not intend to give this polish as a gift (because I am greedy...), but I ended up getting a polish I already had, Jackie.
I haven't opened it to swatch it or anything since I already got it in my April 2013 Bombshell Maven box and I want to be able to give it to someone and spread the wonder that is Julep nail polish! Most likely, I'll give it to my mom as part of her Mother's Day present (which I unfortunately haven't been able to give to her yet; I live about an hour away from my parents and while is isn't that far of a drive, it's hard getting all of our scheduled to mesh up to find a time to hang out.).

The rest of my five polishes came in a big bright green paper bag.
 I like to save my Julep boxes and a lot of the packaging to reuse to wrap gifts; come Christmas time, I'm going to have a lot of cute options! It feels much less wasteful than if I were to just throw all the paper bags and crinklies away.

And here are my five polishes!
From left to right they are: Annette, Chelsea, Dakota, Korin (this was one of the spring/summer polishes; I believe the other is called "Charlie" and is a bright yellow), and Amelia.
On the website, Annette is described as a "light dove grey crème". I have a couple of polishes described as "dove grey", with this being the lightest one I now own. It's a very soft, almost gentle color and would work well for a more neutral look.
I was really excited to get Chelsea. I've had my eye on this polish for a while, but it's sold out on the site. It's a gorgeous purple glitter and would look amazing as a glitter top coat on something like a super dark plum. Julep describes it as a "violet, silver and purple multi-dimensional full coverage glitter". This is another one of those polishes (like Vivien) that is described as a "full coverage glitter", when it's actually more of a heavy-glitter top coat.
Dakota is described as a "rose gold metallic chrome", which I'm not sure I agree with. To me, Dakota looks more like a copper than a "rose gold". It does have a bit of a rose-pink color to it, but it has a more orangey/coppery undertone than a gold one. Still a very pretty polish and I love the chrome finish.
This is Korin, my spring/summer polish. It's not on the Julep website so I don't have an "official" description of it, but it's a very bright chartreuse green. It's SUPER bright and is more on the yellow side. I do like how it's not highlighter bright, though. Even though it's very green and very bright, it still looks like it'd be very wearable and a nice pop of color.
Finally, this is Amelia. It's a little more...buttery colored in real life than what it looks like in the photo. I was also really excited to get this polish since I love these kinds of shimmery, champagne colors. Julep describes this polish as a "light champagne frost", which is an accurate description, though I'm not sure what kinds of differences there are between a "frost" and a "chrome" since they look pretty similar to me.
Here's all five polishes swatched! The red isn't Jackie, it's actually Delaunay, which I got in my Spring Clean Skincare set. To the left of Delaunay is Chelsea (here you can see what I mean by it being a heavy glitter top coat, but not really a "full coverage" glitter), followed by Annette, then Dakota (I can see the rose in it, but it still comes across as super coppery to me), Amelia (which is beautiful and slightly sheer), and finally Korin (here you can see just how bright it is!).

Once again I am very pleased with my mystery box (though I would like to get a $200 value box one day...)! I got a color that I really wanted but couldn't get because it's sold out, two beautiful chrome/frost finish polishes (I love these types of finishes), a soft neutral dove grey, and a very summery bright green. Not to mention an extra polish, already all nicely wrapped up!, that I'm going to give to my mom. Another great box, Julep!

Thanks for reading! <3

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