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April 2013 Glossybox Opening and Review

Hello! I'm getting close now to being fully caught up with everything I've been meaning to post (though I keep buying things I want to post about and now those are starting to pile up...). This post is going to be all about my April 2013 Glossybox!

I got my box the last few days of April, so it did actually come in April, which is good. I know a lot of people have been complaining that Glossybox ships out way too late, though Glossybox keeps responding that they mean for the box to ship out at the end of the month. It is kind of frustrating to get charged for the box during the first or second week of the month (I've already been charged for my May box) and then have to wait until the very end to get the box; a lot of people bring up the very valid point that if you want to unsubscribe because you're unhappy with your box, you have a very small window of time to do it in. On the one hand, I do feel bad for Glossybox since, on their Facebook page, they try and post really cheerful, "rah rah!" kinds of posts and all the comments seem to run along the lines of: "when is this month's box going to ship?" or "why are you releasing special boxes and not shipping this months?". It's a shame because I feel like Glossybox has so much going for it, especially since it's established in so many different countries, and I really want them to succeed and to be able to keep sending us great products.

I want to start by saying that I'm...slightly disappointed in my April 2013 box. My March 2013 was very good and I was very happy with it and the April one feels a bit like a let down. The March box had four full sized products in it and was worth $76.45, whereas this box only has one (kind of two) full sized products and is only valued at $41.35. I'm still getting my money's worth, and the point of these boxes are to try new things that you wouldn't normally buy for yourself, but I'm just not as interested in the products in the April box as I was the ones in my March. It also looks like there wasn't any variety in the April boxes; that everyone got the same thing.
Finally, I was hoping this box would come with the Glossymag since my March box didn't, but it looks like they put it online this month in honor for Earth Day, which is cool, but now I still don't know if the first time not getting the magazine was a fluke or if it's something I need to look into.
Here's box just barely opened; standard pale pink box (which I love to hoard because it's so sturdy and cute; one day I'll figure out what to put in them all) in grey logo-ed mailer.
And here it is even more open with the info card on top! I take these pictures thinking they'll be useful visuals, but then I realize that they're really not. I suppose they do help break all the text up, though.
This was the first item I took out of the box. It's a sort of special extra, since it doesn't count as the five samples included in the box. It is a foil packet sample, but it's for a pretty expensive product, so it's a good sized sample (I just did the math, this packet is worth about $13, which is both impressive and kind of sad). It is a sample of  Le Métier de Beauté Replenishing Daily Solution and the little card it's attached to includes a code to get $75 off the product on the Le Métier de Beauté website. When you get codes for that much off a product, you know it's going to be expensive, and sure enough, a 1.7oz full sized jar costs $225 (so with the code, you can get it for $150). I'm not against paying out the nose for really good skincare products, but I usually stick to the more middle of the road $40-$50. I have heard some good things about this lotion though, so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

The next item I took out of my box was a bath tea by Bvlgari.
This is one of the products I was kind of disappointed in. Not that it's a bad product or anything (I've been seeing a lot of bath teas lately; you basically brew them in hot water like actual tea, then pour it into a bath.), but I don't ever take baths since our bathtub is old and is generally in a state of uncleanliness (to feel comfortable taking a bath, I feel like I'd have to do a thorough cleaning of the tub every single time since I can be weird about things like that, and I really don't want to do that). It makes me sad, too, since there are so many bath bombs and bath melts I want to try from LUSH that I may never get a chance to. I figure, though, I can hang on to this until the opportunity to take a bath comes up (like if I stay at a friend's house or something). This is one of the products in the box that could technically be considered a full size, but it is a one-use product and you can buy them in packs of 5, so to me, this isn't really a full size. This one tea bag is worth $9.50, which seems kind of steep for a one-use bath product (LUSH's bombs are around $7).

The next item in my box is a "Boho Waves" tousled texture mix by Alterna.
I love this sample! I love Alterna's Bamboo hair care line (I use their Kendi Hair Oil and the Volumnizing Mousse every day) and this is a great addition to my smallish collection (I also have deluxe samples of their Shine spray and Dry Kendi Oil hair mist). At first I was worried that this product wouldn't work with my hair type; I have fine, dry, curly hair and I always assumed that adding MORE texture to it would be a bad thing. This product actually works really well with my hair's natural texture and it helps improve my curl pattern. I'm really pleased with this sample and, when it runs out, it's likely that I will buy the full size, which costs $22 (making this sample worth $4.45).

The third item I pulled from my box was the one that Glossybox revealed before the boxes were sent out; the TIGI blush.
I believe everyone got the same shade (it's called "brilliance" glow blush) as it's supposed to work well with all skin tones. I have fair, cool-toned skin, and it does look very nice and natural on me. It's highly pigmented and you have to be careful when you apply it; it's very very easy to get too much on your brush (I only did like two sweeps, and I even tried to tap the excess off, but my brush still picked up a ton of product). It blends fairly well and is over all a nice blush. I was also a little disappointed in this product because a. it was a lot smaller than I expected (though admittedly, it's not any smaller than a lot of other high-end blushes in the same price range) and b. I'm not sure if TIGI counts as a high end cosmetics brand. I know they make really good hair care products, but it just seems weird to me to have a $22 blush made by a hair care company. I think it's the same argument I used to have with MAC, where a company can make really good products, but it's really difficult for them to make ALL their products good; they can have a few shining stars, but eventually there's going to be duds. TIGI does make great haircare products, but can they make great cosmetics as well? I definitely wouldn't have bought this blush on my own, but it is a fairly nice product and I am glad they included it for us to try.

Next up is Wash With Joe Coffeemint Invigorating Bodywash.
This sample was the one I was least happy with. I was intrigued by it since I know there are other coffee-based bodywashes out there (some even have caffeine in them so you can absorb it while you shower) and I do really like the smell of coffee. The smell of coffee and mint blends well and it does smell very invigorating and like something that would perk you up in the morning. There are just too many downsides to this sample, though. For one, the bottle is made of a hard plastic, so you can't squeeze it to get the product out. When I tried it in the shower, I found that it was almost too thick to come out of the spout without being able to squeeze it, so I figured I'd just unscrew the cap (I do this with some of my other bodywashes that don't have pop-up caps and it's no big deal). When I tried to pour a little into my hand, it came out so fast and it was so runny that I ended up pouring almost half the bottle out. I tried to get the excess back in, but I didn't succeed. This is also a very, very dark colored bodywash (I mean, it's coffee based, so it's coffee colored); I was afraid that it was going to either stain my tub or stain me. As a bodywash, it lather okay and left me feeling clean, but it wasn't really anything special, especially for the price. I'd much rather buy Soap&Glory's Clean On Me bodywash. Overall, this isn't a product for me, though I can see how some people would really like it, especially since it does smell good. A full size of this is 16 fl oz and retails for $28, making this sample size worth $1.75 (the least valuable sample in the box).

The final sample in my box was this Organic Lip Balm by The Honest Company.
The flavor/scent I got was lavender mint; I'm not sure if everyone got the same flavor/scent, or if some people got different ones. I was really excited to get this product, since as you all know, I've been on a quest for lip balm, especially ones that are natural and organic. As you can see by the little symbol, this lip balm is indeed organic and it has a lot of good ingredients. It smells wonderful, too. You can definitely smell the mint (though it isn't overpowering), and there's just the little edge of a soothing lavender scent. It feels really great on and did a good job of moisturizing my lips without making them tingle or anything (sometimes things with real mint in them make my lips feel weird, I think it has to do with the oil). Unfortunately, I ended up having a reaction to this that was very similar to the one I had to the Josie Maran Argan Oil Lip Treatment. I'm pretty sure there's no argan oil in this, so it must be some other ingredient that's causing the corners of my mouth to crack and split painfully. As much as I want to love this product, and I really do, deep down, I can't use it again unless I want to risk another reaction. Sad times. This is a full sized lip balm, but they retail in packs of 3 for $10.95, so the value of this one is $3.65, a little more than a Burt's Bees lip balm.

And there's my April 2013 Glossybox! Again, overall not a terrible box or anything, but it was no where near as nice as my March 2013 box. I'm going to stay subscribed and see what the May 2013 has in store, but if it's another middle-of-the-road box, I may consider canceling my Glossybox subscription. Not that I've had any issues with Glossybox or anything (well, technically I didn't get the magazine like I was supposed to with my March 2013 box...), but there are so many other subscriptions out there that I want to try and I can't justify spending that much money on random things getting mailed to me every month (as much fun as it is!).

Thanks for reading! <3!

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