Saturday, April 6, 2013

Julep Maven Welcome Box

Hello! I hope you're all having a great weekend! I have an exciting post for you today! Recently, I've been watching a lot of Youtube videos of sample box openings/reviews (...I got a little obsessed after Glossybox...) and I've been trying to narrow down which (if any) other sample box subscriptions I should sign up for. One box that I kept seeing pop up every now and then was the Julep Maven boxes. At first, I wasn't interested; after all, $20 a month and all it is is nail polish (you do get other things, but it's all basically related to hands and feet)? Didn't sound like a good deal to me. After watching a few more videos (and seeing some amazing mystery boxes...) I got a little more curious. I browsed the Julep site, saw the different starter boxes and past month boxes, and became interested in trying their subscription service out. Lucky for me, I found a code online and got my first box for a penny! I did have to pay shipping of $3.99 (when you actually are a Maven, shipping is free! And you get 20% the items in the store!) and I also added on some quick dry drops for $4.99, but it still was less than $9, so I was happy. In fact, I actually regret not taking advantage of being able to add three "upgrades" to my starter box; for $20, I could have gotten three additional items (technically two more since I already got the drops) which would have been an amazing deal. Oh well, live and learn.

So how Julep Maven boxes work, is that you take a style quiz. The quiz will put you in one of five categories of style: Modern Beauty (these boxes don't have any nail polish in it, only beauty items), Boho Glam (which is me!), Bombshell, Classic With a Twist, and It Girl (these boxes look like they always have three polishes in them; the other boxes seem to have two polishes and a beauty item). You don't have to stick with what style category the quiz picks for you, and you can change what type of box you want to get whenever. When they show what will be in the boxes for the month, you can log into your account and change to a different box if you don't like what's in the one that was selected for you. I think that's really neat, and very considerate of Julep. You can also buy boxes from the past as well as the other boxes for that month if you can't chose between them!

Julep just changed what items are included in the welcome boxes (seriously just now, like within the week), so the items I got in my starter box will be different than what you'd get if you were to sign up today. I kind of like what's in the new boxes, so I might actually buy myself one! (Not to mention the other boxes I want to get...seriously, they're all so good!).

Let's get to opening my box!
So this is how my box came in the mail!
Uh, it looks a little off because I had to take it upside down and then flip it right side up in my computer so you couldn't see my shipping address. I really like the Julep logo; very simple but very cute!
And this is the welcome card that was on top! It welcomes you into the Julep Mavenhood (it's not actually called that, I just made that up) and tells you all the neat perks you get for being a Maven (the 20% off, the free shipping, being able to buy the other boxes, etc). I thought it was a nice touch.
And this is the Boho Glam card that was underneath the welcome one. On the front it shows some things that have "Boho Glam" style (I don't know if you can see it, but those booties on there are fierce) and the back talks again about the perks of being a Maven.
And here are my products! They were wrapped up so nicely! I know this is a pretty expensive box (especially since you only get three things), but it is very luxe and very clearly had time and thought put into its presentation, and I really appreciate details like that. So thank you, Julep, for making your boxes look so nice!
This was my $4.99 "upgrade" item, quick dry drops. My box smelt really pleasantly of lavender, and I couldn't figure out why until I opened it and saw that these drops have lavender in them. I haven't used this yet, but I'm excited to. I do use the Sephora brand of quick dry drops, and I am happy with them, but I think I'll like the lavender scent of this one more. My only complaint is that it looks like my bottle may have leaked or something because it's about 2/3rds full and has a good amount less than the picture of the bottle in the shop. I'm not sure if it leaked into my box, but I don't think it did since it didn't smell like lavender when I took the bottle out. I only paid $4.99 for this, so I'm not too upset or anything.
Next was the Julep Instant Warming Foot Scrub. This doesn't come in the welcome boxes anymore; they now have two polishes and a mascara. I actually prefer getting a foot scrub over mascara; mascara and me generally aren't friends and I tend to use sample sizes because I don't go through it fast enough to justify buying a full size. I did get a chance to try this foot scrub and it was amazing! It was very scrubby and just a little tingly and it smelt really nice! Sometimes, foot scrubs can be waaaaay too pepperminty, but this has a much more subtle smell. After I rinsed my feet, they felt so smooth and soft! Love this!
Finally, here are the two polishes I got and a little extra gift! I love how cutely these were wrapped up! Once again, it's a really nice attention to detail that I feel adds to the experience. The little sample I got was of their Glycolic Hand Scrub.
Here's a bigger photo of it because why not! But seriously, this stuff is amazing! Amazing! I tried it last night and I have to buy the full size. (Actually, that's one of the boxes I'm thinking about getting; you get a full size of this and their hand cream, which I bet is also amazing.) It feels kind of rough at first, and it did sting a little, but after I rinsed it off my hands were so soft and smooth, it was crazy! As you know, I really struggle with dry, icky hands and this just made them perfect! I put my Burt's Bees lotion on afterwards and...I can't describe how amazing my hands felt. I just can't. I love this stuff. Lovelovelove and I'm going to buy more!

Now for the main event! The polishes!
So these are the polishes "Robin" and "Stefani". The polish colors in the new starter boxes are different now, but you can buy these polishes in the main store. Robin is almost a Tiffany blue (I haven't seen a robin's egg in a long time, are they Tiffany blue? I always thought they were paler, but maybe they are!) while Stefani is a really pretty cool medium grey shimmer. I actually swatched them for you guys! I got the idea to use the plastic nail ring from a blogger I watched on Youtube. I really like this method of showing off polish colors!
And here they are! Ignore my ugly thumb. Robin is obviously on the left and Stefani is on the right. Robin is a little greener in real life and Stefani is a little paler, but these are pretty close color-wise.

So there you go! My starter Julep Maven box! I was very pleased with this box and feel that it's totally worth the $20 (even though I didn't pay that much for this first one, but I will gladly pay it for additional ones!). I'm going to buy at least one other box that's not part of my subscription (to get the hand scrub!), and I can't wait for the next box! I think I missed April's box since it already went up in the Maven Exclusives part of the online store, but I'm probably going to buy one anyways. I just have to decide whether I want the Classic With a Twist April Box or the Bombshell April box!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my Maven starter box opening! <3!

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