Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Iron Man Nendoid: It Finally Came!

Hello! Ugh, I am so sorry for neglecting my poor blog. I how so much to write about, but seem to be lacking the time to do it. But let's not dwell on that and get right to the point: my Iron Man Nendoroid came! I actually got it quite a while ago (I think it came the second week of April...) and I love it! It looks exactly like the promo pictures, including the little diorama of New York City on his base. I was super worried they were going to have to change it to a plain base (which he also comes with) due to manufacturing difficulties, but nope, there it is!

My poor husband had wanted to surprise me and hadn't told me when Iron Man had been shipped out. I was getting anxious about it because I kept seeing other people with their Iron Man's online and kept pestering him about it. Finally, he caved and told me that mine had shipped the previous week and that it should be here soon (I chose SAL shipping; there's no tracking and it usually takes one to one and a half weeks for things to get to us). I was actually kind of glad he waited to tell me; that meant a week's shipping time had already passed and I hadn't even known it was coming (I'm...kind of impatient when it comes to shipping). I had to wait an extra to get him after he was delivered since we weren't home when the postperson came (we have three or four different postal workers who deliver our mail and they are of various genders) and the management office was closed by the time we got off of work. We went and picked him up the next day, and this is what greeted me when I opened the box:
We ordered him from AmiAmi and they really like to make sure their packages are packed very securely.
It's nice because it keeps the figures and what not safe, but it also makes the boxes very bulky and can add to shipping costs since sometimes you have to ship orders in multiple packages. AmiAmi is a great website though, and I highly recommend purchasing from them.

The box itself is pretty cool; it's foiled, so it's super shiny. Our other Nendos' boxes have been matte, so the "sparkle" on Iron Man's box was a nice touch, and very fitting for him. Here are some gratuitous shots of his box!
Apparently, the full name of this Nendoroid is "Iron Man Mark 7 Hero's Edition". Not really sure what the "hero's edition" implies; maybe that it's based on The Avengers movie and not the comics (especially since Tony Stark's face is basically a chibified version of Robert Downy Jr.).
The sides of the boxes showed some examples of the cool poses you can put him in. He came with some extra hands and some blaster "flames" that you can add to his feet to make it look like he's flying and/or shooting things. He's also jointed, which is really cool. I'm not sure how many other Nendoroids are jointed, but the ones we already had aren't.
You can also take his faceplate off and bask in the wondrous glory that is Tony Stark! Here you can see better how they based his look off of Robert Downy Jr. in the Avengers movie. The faceplate comes off pretty easily, and is only held in place by a magnet, so some people had issues with it falling off every time their Nendoroids got jostled. I've also seen pictures where people have been able to take off his whole helmet and put a different Nendoroid's face in the suit, but I'm not sure if that's actually a "feature"; I get the feeling they had to force it off. I'm super afraid of breaking my Iron Man, so I haven't tried, though having an Iron Haru-chan would be pretty awesome.
Here's the back of the box; it has the same four poses as the sides, and includes a fifth one of Iron Man shooting with his hands.
This is right after I opened him up! I really wanted to use his Stark Tower base, so naturally I picked a flying pose. I didn't attach his thruster "flames" yet so it looks like he's defying gravity. He also came with a suction cup, which I think you can use to make him "fly" in other places and not have to use his base (so you can have him interacting with other Nendos). The Stark Tower base is actually fairly detailed and they did a good job on the font of the "Stark" on Stark Tower (the "A" is very clearly the Avengers "A". It's the little details like that that I really appreciate).
And here's his final set-up! He's on my bookshelf (in front of the "crafting" section, to be exact) next to Haru-chan and my Lotte (from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog") doll. I added his thruster "flames" and pretty much posed him exactly as he is on the box (...because I am lazy). I do appreciate the articulation he has, but it's not really all that much and he tends to come apart if you put too much pressure on him (he pops right back together, though).

Overall, I'm very happy with my Iron Man Mark 7 Hero's Edition Nendoroid and I'm glad the long wait for him is over!

Thanks for reading!

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