Saturday, March 2, 2013

Way Too Much Stuff!

Hello! Ugh, I don't know why I put off making a post until I get a ridiculous amount of material to write about. I really want to try doing more regular, smaller sized updates instead of one giant one every week or so; maybe if I pick a specific day or two to make a post and make it a goal to post on those days without fail, I'll be able to get myself to sit down and do it. Anyways! Onto the  post!
 Hmm, one problem I have with waiting so long to make posts is that I forget which days I did what. I believe it was...last weekend (?) that I decided I wanted a pair of cute boots. One effect that nearing the end of winter has on me is that I get very sick of fall/winter fashion and find myself trying to update and freshen up my wardrobe. I suppose it's like a fashion spring cleaning. It doesn't help that, generally, I dislike fall/winter fashion and really love more "springtime" looks and colors. Anyways. Boots. I've been wanting a pair of cute boots for while now, but have really struggled finding a pair that I like enough to buy. Oh, I should probably mention that when I say "boots" I don't mean winter/snow boots. I want boots for the spring/summer. I think it's super cute when girls wear boots with shorts and dresses. I spent a good hour and half wandering in the little mall that's near me trying on a bunch of different boots. I finally settled on a pair of deep brown knee high boots with a smallish heel. They were 60% off and I only paid $40 for them (yay no tax on clothes/shoes!). I brought them home, relatively happy with my purchase, but as I experimented with them and my current wardrobe, I became less and less satisfied with them. Something felt off about them and they just didn't...feel right. They looked alright and everything, but I didn't feel comfortable in them. At first, I thought it was because I wasn't used to seeing myself in that type of boot before, but then I realized why they seemed so off. They were too sexy for me.

I know it sounds weird, but I'm not a "sexy" type of person. I like to dress attractively (and have been known, especially in my college days, to dress even sluttishly when the occasion permitted), but I'm more of a "cute" kind of attractive than a straight up "sexy". The boots were too mature, too severe, too "in your face" sexy for me. Dismayed, I returned them the next day and spent some more time in the mall. Happily, I was able to find a different pair of boots that suited me perfectly! And they were only $20! So I bought another pair of shoes! And those were only $16! So then I bought some nail polish and tights as well. Overall, I'm very happy that things turned out the way they did!

These are the boots I got!
They're super cute, low heeled, and a nice, dark brown. I love how the strap detail around the ankle is just a little loose and droopy; I think it makes them look even cuter. They're by a brand called "Soda" and I got them on clearance for $20! It was the last pair of my size in stock; I waiver between a 7.5-8 depending on type of shoe and the brand and I got these in a 7.5. They look great with shorts, though my husband thinks they look a little "cowgirlish" with dresses, but I think it works in a casual, summery way.

This is the second pair of shoes I got!
I actually saw these and though about buying them when I bought the first pair of boots. They were on clearance, too, for only $16. They have a nice, thick but not chunky kind of heel, and I like the more...I wouldn't call it "vintage" but more just "old timey" kind of look (does that even make sense? I have no idea...). I like how they kind of look like a fancy pair of loafers. I think they look very professional, but still playful. I was severely lacking in the "plain pair of black heels" department. I got through so many because I find myself in immediate need of a pair for something like a fancy party or a job interview, so I go out and buy a really cheap pair from a thrift store, but I'm never really satisfied with them so I end up either reselling them or giving them away. This is the first pair that really like enough to keep and wear to more than one event!

This is the nail polish I got! They had a few sets of polish duos from the Nicole by OPI line, but this was the one that I liked both colors from. I didn't realize it at the time, but these are colors from the Kardashian line, which was a little disappointing. They're super pretty colors; it's purely just a superficial dislike I have for the Kardashians. The pink one is called "Up & Kim-Ing Pink" and the white, sparkly one is called "Lights, Kim-Era, Action!". I'm excited to try them out, but I have to wait and give my nails a rest. I've been changing my nail polish every week or so for a bit now, and my thumb nail on my right hand is starting to get these little white ridges. I figure giving them a rest for a week or two is a good idea.

And these are the tights I got. I was actually pretty disappointed in these. As you can see from the tags, I got them from Marshall's (if you don't know what that is, it's like a discount store that gets overstocks/irregular items from regular department stores at sells them at a lower price). I generally avoid buying things like tights and make-up from discount stores since I'm a germaphobe and you never know where they have been (make-up more so, the avoidance of tights is really just me being weird). I've been looking for tights lately because I want to add more skirts/shorts to my wardrobe and to avoid wearing jeans all the time. I don't feel comfortable with my bare legs since they are awfully pale and splotchy and not very pretty right now. Since these were labeled as "past season", I figured I'd take the risk and buy a couple pairs. The nude pair was alright; the color was nice, but it had a few snags on it already which I know will turn to runs on the first or second time I wear them. The black pair, sadly, is basically unwearable. They weren't labeled as irregular, but they ended up being super streaky looking, like they got messed up in the dyeing process or were in the sun and parts had faded. I was sad that I had wasted $5, but at least the nude pair will be okay for a couple wears.

I also went to a different mall that same day since I needed more conditioner and the only place I know of that regularly stocks the kind I use is Ulta. Sephora used to carry it, but for some reason they no longer stock it in stores and it is always sold out online. It's a shame, too, since it's the best conditioner I've found for my fine, curly hair.
It's great because while it's very moisturizing, it's not heavy so it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it look greasy. I also got some of their "Climate Control" hair gel for free, too! I've actually tried this gel before and hated it, so I might just give it away. Technically I wasn't supposed to get it for free since it was for a $20 Ouidad purchase (my shampoo was only $16), but the cashier added it without me asking, so I'm not complaining. (Besides, I forgot to give them my Ulta reward card thing, so it evens out in the end).

Next to the Ulta there is a Joann Fabrics, so I figured I'd stop in and see if anything caught my eye. I found this fabric in the "juvenile apparel" section and was immediately drawn to it. It has a nice heavy texture to it and, seriously, french poodles. How cute is that? It was also on sale, so I figured I'd buy some and think of something to make with it later. I also got some pink organza to make in case I want to make a skirt or something and give it a ruffle.

Finally, I picked up the March issue of Nylon. I really need to get a subscription to this since it's like...$10 for the full year and they're $5 each if you buy them in the store, but I don't know where I'll be living a few months from now and I don't want to deal with having to change my address. Nylon is one of the few US fashion magazines I really like (the others being W and Harper's Bazaar). I don't like magazines that focus a lot on celebrities and while those three have stuff on celebs, they focus more on the clothes and other people like designers and fashionistas. What I like most about Nylon, is that it's more youthful and less...mainstream, I guess, than other magazines.

I also made another order of Japanese magazines that same day! I was going to hold off on ordering any more for a while, but Angelic Pretty just released a mook that not only has a bunch of pictures of their past prints and all that, it comes with a Sugary Carnival tote! Granted, the tote is in the black colorway, which is unfortunate since I don't wear a lot of black, but I don't own any Angelic Pretty right now and the tote will help my lolita wardrobe feel more complete (since I already have pieces from BTSSB, IW, and Meta). I didn't want to pay shipping for just one book, so I added two more; an issue of egg and another mook that came with a tote for a brand I've never heard of. I think it sells roomwear? Honestly, I just thought the tote was adorable. There was a time in my life where a free tote bag could not sway. That time has passed.

 Yesterday, I was able to go out shopping with my husband! (Sort of, we didn't actually go to the same stores...). I needed to restock on some essentials like face moisturizer and eye cream so I went to Sephora. I really love the FAB line of products and I've been using their face cleanser, toner pads, and ultra repair cream. I was also looking into getting a new eye cream since the one I've been using (Clinique's All About Eyes Rich) hasn't really been doing anything for me. I also wanted to get a new face moisturizer because, which the ultra repair cream is great and you can use it on your face, it's not really meant to be a daily moisturizer since it's so heavy. So I bought FAB's 5 in 1 eye cream and Daily Facial Cream!

What I like about FAB is that it's formulated for sensitive skin and doesn't have a lot of nasty chemicals like parabens and added fragrances or colors. I have very sensitive skin and this is one of the only lines of products I've found that doesn't irritate me. I'm really loving the Daily Face Cream so far; I've only used it for a day, but I can already feel a big difference in softness and it absorbs super quick so I don't feel greasy (sometimes the Ultra Repair Cream made me look a little greasy just because it's so heavy). The eye cream is nice so far, but obviously I don't really have an opinion on it yet. I also needed to pick up some more toner pads, but they were all sold out so the nice Sephora associate gave me a code for free shipping from the site. There are a few things I'm thinking about ordering (the Pantone x Sephora metallics eyeshadow palette is on sale for $27 right now...) but since I bought so much already, I figured I'd just buy what I needed for now.
So I ordered just the pads when I got home, but I did get my three free samples, so over all, a good deal.

I also stopped by Forever 21. This can be dangerous since, like I said I hate winter/fall fashions and now that they're getting the spring stuff in and on the floor, I want to buy it all. Very dangerous. So I only let myself look at the accessories, which itself might have been a mistake since I ended up buying $30 worth of jewlery and hair things.

So. Whoops. But now I have a lot of cute earrings! I'm actually thinking of getting my ears pierced a second time (so I'd have two on each lobe) so having more small sized earrings is a plus! I'm also happy to discover that the size 6 rings they sell fit me great, so now I know which ones to buy (I was always leery before because I'm paranoid of getting them stuck on my fingers).

Finally, I swung by the import shop to see if there was anything cute or new.
And they had Miracle Puccho! The greatest candy ever made. Seriously. If you ever find any, I highly, HIGHLY recommend you buy some and try it. It's like...a chewier, less intensely flavored Starburst, but it has little balls of fruit flavored gel and little capsules of fizzy ramune soda flavored candy. I also got some cute Sanrio magnets for the fridge since they were super cheap (only like $3). I really love it when refrigerators are covered in magnets and pictures and other papers; it just makes them seem so...lived with? I also love complexity, so that's another reason I love a busy fridge. The plastic Hello Kitty bag was what the store keeper gave me to put my purchases in! Usually they have white paper bags with their logo stamped on them (sometimes it's a sticker), so that was a nice change of pace.

WHEW! That's everything for this last week! I really, really, really want to start posting some reviews! I still haven't opened my Caterine DeMew doll in the hopes that I'll do a review of her, and I want to also talk about some nail polishes I've been wearing! One thing I will say is that I am SUPER disappointed in my Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment. I had a bad reaction to it that caused the corners of my mouth to break out and crack and now I'm having a hard time healing from it. Very upsetting.

OH. One more thing! I've been waiting a long time, but it sounds like my SS finally got my Liz Lisa lucky packs, and she said they'd get shipped out on the 7th! So close yet so far!

Thanks for reading! <3

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