Monday, March 25, 2013

Small Clothes Haul and Remembering Tym

Hello! Hope you've all been well! I've had an interesting past week or so; nothing too bad, but it's kind of had a general feel of "blah". The two biggest low lights are a bad haircut/dye job and my office fish, Tym passing away.
 I took Tym's death pretty hard; he was sometimes my only companion at work (I had seen him more often than my husband!) and he always seemed so happy to see me (well, me being food, but I can pretend it was me). He always made lush bubble nests and would sometimes even "clack" at me. He'd do something with his gills and it would make a noise that sounded like someone was tapping on his tank. I was really surprised the first time I heard it since I hadn't heard a fish physically make a noise before. I feel a little silly being so upset over the death of a fish, but I really did like Tym and I really miss him. He had fallen ill about mid last week with what we think is a disease called "Velvet" (everyone comments on how that's such a "sexy" or "cuddly" name for a disease, but it's actually pretty gross). He was covered with a rusty brown fuzz, wouldn't eat, and was very listless. I wasn't able to get any medicine for him until Friday afternoon and after I gave him the first dose, he seemed to be feeling better. He was swimming around more and seemed to be more interested in his food. When I came back on Saturday to give him his second dose, he was dead. I've decided to not get another fish for the time being; I'm not sure I could deal with another one getting sick and dying. I might get another fish later on, but it probably won't be another betta. You were a good fish, Tym, and I hope you didn't suffer too much before you died.

The other bad part of the last week or so has been my less than satisfactory hair cut and coloring. Luckily, the color is only demi-permanent, so it will wash out eventually (well, at least I hope so. They had to use a different type of dye on my roots and I'm worried they used to more permanent kind) but I feel lame living with it right now. I could probably go back and have them fix it, but I'm more worried that it will just make it worse. I have to really baby my hair or it will get super damaged and since I'm trying to grow it out, I'm trying to avoid as much damage as possible (which is one of the reasons I wanted a demi-permanent dye over a full on one). I think the girl who did my hair didn't really know what she was doing since she seemed really young and when she cut my hair, she kept pulling it with the scissors. She also had a super shaky hand and it's REALLY hard to tell if you're cutting my hair evenly since its so curly. I really need to find someone who has experience with curly hair and who doesn't charge a ridiculous amount for a haircut. The bad dye job is partly my fault since I'm not very good at describing what I want. I actually found a really great way to describe exactly what I want earlier today, which is unfortunate (well, fortunate for next time). Since they had to use two different types of dye, the colors don't match up exactly and it really bugs me. They looked good when my hair was wet, but after drying, the color on my roots has red in it and looks orangey while the color on my ends has no red and is much more golden. I can tell the difference right away, but I'm also really sensitive to color differences. My husband says he likes it, but I think he's just being kind. With my skin tone, I look really weird with any kind of reddish hair so it looks super off to me. Next time I go in, I have to make absolutely sure I tell them no red whatsoever. What I'm really looking for is a super ashy, almost grey, dark blonde. That's actually what my natural hair color is, I just want to make it more...even looking. ...and I want to cover some grey hair. Going grey early unfortunately runs in my family. So, hopefully, after about a month, most of the color will have washed out and I'll be able to go back in and get it redyed the way I want it. I'm even going to bring in a picture (which is really what I should have done this time) and hope that it will work out.

Now that I have all the depressing things out of the way, it's time for a small clothing haul! I was able to go shopping with my husband and we went to the mall. Luckily, H&M was having a half-off sale on their sale clothes; which means $5 shirts and pants! I didn't get as much as I probably should have, but I've been buying so much clothing lately that I tried to keep it to things I really, really wanted.
I'm going to start with the one item that I'm, well, not disappointed in, but one I was not happy with. Sorry about the weird lighting of this picture, it was kind of hard to capture the right color. This is a little more purple than they are in real life, but this was as close as I could get. I really want more pairs of pants (I own a lot of tops, but not a lot of bottoms!), especially colored skinny jeans! I was really excited when I saw these and grabbed a pair (and they were only $5!). Unfortunately, I misjudged my size and they're a size too small. I got the size I usually wear in H&M's pants, but I didn't take into account that all my other pants sit at my waist, while these sit on my hips. There is a big difference between my waist (which puts me at a size 2-4) and my hips (which are a size 6-8). I haven't been able to go back to try and exchange them yet, which makes me sad because I really, really like these pants!
Next I got a very simply, very soft grey sweater. It has very subtle and elegant rose embroidery around the neckline. I love wearing sweaters at work since my office tends to be very cold (and I tend to be very cold. A lot of people comment on how warm my office is...) and this is a great, simple work sweater. Another great $5 find.
Yay, another sweater! This one was also $5! This is a great, creamy white sweater with iridescent sequin on the front. Another work sweater (...I buy pretty much all of my work clothes from H&M sales), I like how this one is work appropriate, but still fun and blingy because of the sequin.
Another sweater...oh man I love sweaters. This one is mint (I also love mint!) and shimmery! The only weird thing about this sweater is the visible zipper in the back. I'm generally not a big fan of zippers being part of a design (I prefer hiding them and using invisible zippers) since it looks very industrial and...maybe even cheap to me? It's also surprisingly itchy and awkward feeling, so this is definitely a sweater I'm going to have to wear a blouse underneath. This was also the most expensive item I got at $7.
Finally, I got a skirt! This was more of an impulse buy since it was only $5 (see a theme here?) and I'm trying to get more skirts in my wardrobe. This is a little too sexy for work, but I liked the subtly of the reflective leopard print. I thought it was a great way to wear animal print without being super out there and...animal printy. Don't get me wrong, I love animal print, but in moderation and not on tight, short skirts.

I also was able to go to Forever 21! The Forever 21 here is HUGE; it's two stories and is basically the size of a department store. I went in with the intention of getting a belt and a jewelry bowl (I saw a really cute one at a different, smaller Forever 21 but I didn't buy it), but I walked out with more!
This is the belt I bought! I'm using the picture from Forever 21's website because taking a picture of a belt basically sucks. It's brown and has little star punches in it! ...I actually have to go back and buy another belt because this one is specifically a waist belt and I need one for more lower rise pants as well. I didn't take that into account when I bought just this one, but that's okay because I needed both types of belts.
I also got these two pairs of cute socks! These were an impulse buy (...I love socks, but I never wear more than one or two pairs a week, not counting my work socks which are basically always black and boring), but they were only $2.50 so I couldn't resist. There's also a grey color, which I might buy as well when I go back.

Finally, the purchase I was most happy about...
A fawn fur coat! I had REALLY wanted this when it first came out, but I couldn't justify spending $50 on a fake cur coat since it felt kind of...not cheap but not super warm or anything. While I was browsing the website looking for the jewelry bowl I saw at the other Forever 21 (which I did not find, sadly. I really need a new bowl, too.) I saw that these coats had gone on sale for 50%! They were pretty popular, so I really wasn't expecting to find one in store, but I managed to snag one! And it was the last medium one at that! (I like my coats to be about a size bigger so I can fit sweaters and sweatshirts underneath the). I am so happy that I was able to get this coat for $25!

So that's my small clothing haul! Hmm, I wonder if you can even technically call that a haul.

And now to be a little random, I recently bought a cross stitching kit! I actually used to cross stitch a LOT; I have a plastic tub filled with cross stitching supplies and half finished kits as well as a whole bunch of embroidery floss. I told myself I couldn't buy any more kits until I finished all the ones I already had. I like cross stitching, but after I learned to crochet, it kind of felt like a waste of time. At least with crochet, you can make useful things like hats and scarves (and even amigurumi can arguably be useful), but with cross stitch, all you can really do is frame it and hang it up. Cross stitching is such a huge time suck and has such little return, that it started to feel like it wasn't worth it. I've made a few necklaces here and there, and I like to make those little kits they come out with around Christmas time as homemade ornaments, but this is the first actual kit I've bought and worked on in a long, long time.
This is it! I know I should be using a wooden hoop and not a plastic one, but I was too lazy to dig one out. This kit was on clearance at Michael's for $4, so I figured, why not. I thought it was kind of cute and I really like designs that have birds in them. It had nice, springy/summery colors and makes me think about being an old lady and having my own garden one day (I would love to have a garden, but I think it will probably have to wait until I'm retired and don't really have anymore work responsibilities).

One more random jump! For St. Paddy's Day (which I sadly did not get to do anything for) I painted my nails green and gold to feel festive!
Green is kind of hard for me to wear since it really brings out the red in my skin, but I figured no one was going to judge me because it was for a holiday. This was the day we went to the mall, and there were SO many people wearing all green; it was pretty amusing. The green is "It's Totally Karma" by Sephora by O.P.I. and the top coat is "It's Real", the top coat that has real flakes of 18k gold in it. I felt it was more than appropriate for St. Paddy's.

And that's it for this post! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!

On a quick side note, I'm trying to still figure out the best way to tag posts. Things like how to tag "H&M" (since I don't think the tags can do the ampersand) and how detailed I should be tagging...if you have any suggestions, let me know!

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