Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Liz Lisa 2013 Fukubukuro!

Hello! Welcome to part 3! I should probably wait to post this until tomorrow when I'm not so tired (I should actually be getting ready for bed since I have to get up early for work tomorrow...) but I'm too excited! My Liz Lisa fukubukuro came today! After a very long wait (Liz Lisa was a bit slow shipping them to my SS), they're finally here! I actually didn't want to open them right away; I almost didn't want the suspense to end! I love fukubukuro (or lucky packs) when you don't know what you're getting. It's kind of like gambling, but you can't really "lose" since you still get stuff! As you may or may not know (depending on if you've read previous entries) I order the Sweet Ribbon Big Tote and the Sweet Ribbon Boston Bag. The tote had 6 items in it, including this weird fuzzy make-up bag that everyone got and the boston bag had 3 items in it. The tote is supposed to be worth 50,000yen and the bag is worth 20,000yen.
After fees and shipping, my cost came to about $300 (they were SUPER expensive to ship; it was 8900yen...but once again, EMS shipping is super quick so they got here in about 3-4 days) so I still got a good deal.
Here are the two unopened bags! My SS also included the purple shopping bag as well, which was a nice surprise. I knew the tote bag was big, but I didn't realize HOW big it was until I took it out of the box. It was also super heavy, so I was sure I got a nice, thick coat.
Here are the three items that were in the boston bag! I was a little disappointed they weren't same as what was shown on the website (I did a lot of research on what people got in their Liz Lisa fukubukuro this year before I bought one. It seems like they had certain "sets" that they varied; some people got what they showed online, some people got this set.) but that's only because I really want the dress they showed. I am by no means disappointed with what I got; I think everything is cute!
This is the cami I got! I'm actually kind of glad I got a light pink one instead of a white one. I have a lot of plain white camis (you can get them for like $3 at Forever21), but no cute-colored ones.
This is the dress I got! Once again, super cute! It has a flared skirt (I couldn't flare for the photo since it wouldn't fit) and polka dots are in this spring! The color is really nice too; a soft, dusty pink.
And the final item in the boston bag, a big fluffy off white cardigan! I'm...a little on the fence about this. It's pretty big and fluffy, and I tend to like more streamline, fitted cardigans, but it feels super comfy and I'm sure it'll be cute on (I haven't actually tried anything on yet...I wanted to wait until my husband got home so he could help me take pictures. I don't have a full length mirror and it's hard to get a good picture without help).
And here's what was in the big tote (well, minus the coat because it was huge)! I love that they included a secret totally random item! Like I said, I love the surprise of fukubukuro, so I left the secret item for last.
And here's a totally pointless picture of the coat in it's bag (pointless because I'm just going to show you it opened next)! Like I said, it was huge and fairly thick. I was hoping for a puffy jacket, but this one is great, too! I'm actually glad I got this one and not the plaid one a bunch of other people got.
Annnd the unbagged coat! Haha, almost the same exact "pose" as when it was bagged! Nice and fairly thick, though I hope not TOO thick. I have a nice winter coat, but I need something for the in-between spring/winter weather we have right now (and will probably have until the end of May - beginning of June...yay midwest winters!) and I'm hoping this will work out nicely!
Ah, the fluffy make-up pouch that everyone got in their tote bags. I feel like Liz Lisa included this to kind of...pad the value of the bags since the tag says it's worth about $50...which I don't think it is. I was pretty sure I was not going to like this, but it's grown on me! It is nice and fluffy and will make a great travel pouch!
I like this sweater; it's nice and simple, but the collar gives it a nice, girly touch. This is something I could wear to work (and I likely will!).
I saw this skirt in some other people's lucky packs, and I really hoped that I would get it! So yay! I need more skirts; I'm trying to move away from wearing pants all the time, but it's hard, especially now, since I get cold so easily (...and my legs are grossly pale...). It's very soft and flowy and has a cute ribbon corset in the back!
And here's the dress! I am VERY happy I got this dress and not the weird one with the beige lace-up tank bodice. I think the skirt is so cute and the chiffon top with the flowing sleeves is so feminine and girly, but in a mature, grown-up way. This is another potential work dress.
And finally, my secret item! To be honest, I was the least happy with this one. I have never worn a top like this, and I think they look funny on me because I'm...more compact. I'm short and fairly thin, but I have a larger bust so these kind of flowy shirts can look at little...off. I'm willing to try it though and if it doesn't work out, I can always try and sell it. This is the back, by the way. I wanted to show off the lace!

So overall, I am incredibly pleased! During the process of waiting for the bags to arrive and then having to pay a lot more in shipping than I thought (they were very heavy; about 11 pounds together) I didn't think I'd want to order again next year, but after getting them and opening them up, I know I for SURE want to get some again next year! And maybe even get some from other brands as well! I really wish they did lucky packs here in America as the thrill of maybe getting a good pack is addicting!

Value wise, according the to item tags, the boston bag comes to 20,685yen (about $215 U.S. dollars) and the big tote comes to 49,665yen (about $515, and less than my promised 50,000yen...). That's not counting the value of the tote and the bag, which are completely usable on their own and are very cute (did I mention the big tote was big? Because it is BIG.). So for my $300, I got about $730 worth of items. And Liz Lisa items, even! Not bad, if you ask me.

Thanks for reading! See you next time!

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