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Hello! This is part 2 of my gigantic post (of which I am very glad I split into three parts!). This one is going to focus on my rather large order from the webshop of DreamV!

You can find DreamV on Rakuten, which is kind of like an international marketplace. You can also find Chocomint on there! I only recently discovered DreamV, and I really wish I had known about it before. There's a huuuuge selection of really cute clothing and it's all very affordable. The only two issues are that you have to pick a size based on your measurements (which is a little tricky, as you'll see) and they only ship EMS which is very expensive (but only takes like 3 days, which is awesome). I spent a good couple hours browsing and built up a good sized order!
Here;s a nice collage showing my order! I circled the color of the items that I ordered, though I apparently didn't end up ordering the green-grey shorts in the top row. I thought I had, but I must have removed them from my cart. I also ordered a sweater dress that had ribbons on the back that I couldn't find again to get a picture of for my collage, but it came none-the-less so it must have sold out in the meantime. Things seem to sell out really quick on DreamV, so if you like something, I recommend ordering as soon as possible! One thing, too, the translation is pretty hilarious (I'm pretty sure they just run it through a program) and if you're looking for a laugh, read the reviews. Even though they're garbled and amusing, they are still pretty helpful if you can figure out what the person was trying to say.

After placing my order (in total it was 16 items, but I got 19 articles of clothing because a couple things were sold as sets), I got an e-mail in English from Rakuten letting me know they got my order. The next day, I got an e-mail in Japanese from DreamV confirming that they got my order and to let me know the shipping cost. Which is where things got a little sour for me. Shipping ended up being about $80, so my total order was around $360. Which, for 19 pieces of clothing, isn't that bad, it was just a little more than I was expecting to spend. The next day, DreamV sent me an e-mail letting me know my order was shipped out and they gave me a tracking number. Three days later and my package was here!
Overall, from the moment I placed my order, to the time I actually received my package, I think it was about 4-5 days. Not bad at all.
Here's the giant box it came in! I was really worried when I saw this box because it was SUPER beat up. The sides had split all the way and the top was almost completely open (I took off the address and customs labels, which is why it looks weird on top).
I felt much better after opening it, though! It had a layer of tissue paper protecting the top and after I counted my bags, everything was there! They even included a little advertisement for some more work-appropriate clothes.
Here's everything all laid out! The clothes come in their own plastic bags, which is nice (the sets of items come together in one bag) and each piece of clothing also had a piece of tissue paper to protect it while folded. You can also see where I scribbled out my invoice. It's all in Japanese and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to see my address, but better safe than sorry (I have seen people go through great lengths to get info from pics like this). I hadn't noticed the invoice was there until I uploaded the picture to my computer and I had already opened everything. Sad.

Overall, I am VERY pleased with my order. The quality of the items are very nice for what they cost, and I would compare them quality-wise to somewhere in-between Forever21 and H&M. I think I got a good deal for what I paid, even including shipping costs, and I am definitely going to order from them again! My only issues came from the sizes of certain items; I got paranoid that some things wouldn't fit, so I erred on the side of too big, but some things ended up just way too big. I think, next time, if I have to choose between 1-2cm too small or 1-2cm too big, I'm going to go to with too small.

And now for individual item reviews! These aren't in any particular order.
First item are these blue shorts! One thing I will say, I had a hard time with getting the right size for bottoms. My hips are 90cm, but my waist is 66cm, so even with clothes I can try on, I have a lot of issues. Since these clothes are geared toward an Asian market, they made to fit less...curvy bodies. In order to get items that fit my hips and butt, I had to get things that were really big the waist. Thus, things that should fit at the waist, actually fit me lower on the hips. It's not a huge problem since the items still fit, but it changes the look and makes it more difficult to wear things the way they were intended to be worn (i.e. with tucked in shirts). ANYWAYS. These shorts are a nice, light linen-like material and the (fake) scallop pockets are a nice touch!
This dress was kind of an impulse buy. It was only $10 and I thought it was fairly cute, so I just added it. The color is MUCH prettier in real life; it's more of a greenish blue than a straight up blue. My only issue with it is that it fits me kind of awkwardly. Since it's an empire waist, and I have large breasts (my bust is 87cm) it makes me look pregnant. I'm going to try to wear it with a belt or maybe a sweater over the top and see how that works; I really want to keep it since the color is just perfect. I also want to say, the material is really nice and thick; much higher quality than I expected for the price!

I'm wearing this sweater dress right now! This was the item I couldn't find a picture for. One thing that frustrates me is that it's basically impossible to search for a specific item in the webshop (I think it might be because of the translation). It's nice and soft and you can wear it as a dress or a very baggy top. I think the bows on the back are super cute, but my husband thinks they're a little overkill.
These shorts were part of a set (I'll do the top they came with next). These were one of the items I was most disappointed with. They are really, really big on me (but I'm glad I got the size I did because the top fits me perfectly) and they feel really cheap. One of the reviews talked about how the buttons weren't very secure, and I agree. I'm probably going to have to reinforce them. These also came with detachable suspenders, which look super cute but are hard for me to wear (big bust and all that..).
And this is the top that came with the shorts! Like I said, glad I got the size I did because this fits great (I actually went a size up because I worried about my bust. I have a hard time with buttons ups). It's a really cute mint color with beige polka dots. This was also much better quality than the shorts, which I found surprisingly, but in a good way.
I'm really happy with this pair of skirt/shorts! They fit perfectly and are really cute! The matching belt is nice, too. One thing I really liked about DreamV is that, while they sell very, VERY short skirts, most come with built in shorts, so you never have to worry about flashing anyone! These are actually intended to be shorts with a kind of skirt detail (I think...) and not the other way around, but the idea still applies.
This was another item I was disappointed in. For one thing, it is GIGANTIC on me. I really wish I had ordered a size down. My other big beef with it is the quality of the pin on bow (yeah, that pink bow is detachable) and the detachable halter ties (which aren't pictured). The halter looks super cute on the site, but I didn't know I'd have to tie it myself (and I am baaaaad at bows). They also attached really awkwardly and don't look very good. Otherwise, it's a cute shirt, but it's just waaaay to big for me. I'm going to try it with a belt and pretend it's like an oversized tunic or something.
This was another impulse buy (it was like $9) and I am so happy I got it! It is a little big, but the bigness really works in it's favor; it seems more girly that way. It's very soft and comfy and it has just the right amount of frills. Very happy with this one!
I'm kind of on the fence about this shirt. I wish I had read the reviews before hand because they talked about my biggest issue with this shirt: the collar. From the picture, I thought it would be the same material as the shirt and would lay nicely, but it's this silky material and it's like an oversized blouse collar. It's really hard to get it to lay right, and it definitely will need ironing (...I hate ironing). One other thing that bugged me is that the stitches holding the top corners of the bow down came undone right away. I only tried it on one or twice and the stitches fell out. It's not too big of a deal since I can fix it, but still.
This sweater was part of a set and came with some lacy bloomers. Not sure if I'll ever wear them together like that, but the sweater is nice and soft and very comfortable. It's also lightweight, so I can wear it even in the summer, which is a plus!
These are the bloomers that came with the purple sweater! They're nice and fluffy and not itchy at all. They're kind of an antique white and are a little see-through. Not sure if I'll ever wear these as shorts on their own, but they'll be nice for under dresses and skirts so I won't have to worry about flashing my undies!
This was probably the most expensive individual item that I purchased. I think it was almost $30. It was a little on the expensive side, but this sweater was one of the first items that caught my eye. It's a little retro, and mint is a big color this spring! I thought the heart was super cute, too. It's very soft and feels great to wear, but it does have a little left-over smell from the dyeing process (I used to work in bridal and sometimes, when we got bridesmaid dresses or shoes in, they still smelt like the dye. It's pretty intense and not pleasant, but it goes away quickly if you air them out). No bigs, though, since that can get taken care of with a wash.
This top is very similar to the cream one from before, but like 10 times better. The bow on this one isn't detachable, and the chiffon bow in back is fully attached and pre-tied. It also fits much nicer, too. It's basically the shirt I wanted the cream one to be.
This is another great fitting top (which is weird because it's the same size as the cream one) which I really like. It's simple, but it's soft and stretchy and looking cute while being comfortable is nice.
These shorts are another item I'm disappointed in. The fabric feels really cheap and weird (even though the tag says they're mostly cotton) and they fit pretty poorly. They fit my hips fine, but the waist gaps horribly. I can fix it with a belt, but it's still kind of annoying. I think they were sewn wrong since they have this weird bulge in back; it;s like they point in the back instead of laying flat, if that makes sense. They're also pretty see-through, so I'm going to have to be careful what I wear underneath them!
I was super worried these were going to be too small for me since the largest size had a waist of only 60cm, but they actually fit great! They feel like they're made out of a soft, jersey material, which isn't want I was expecting, but nice regardless. They have a built in pair of lacy shorts that are supposed to peek out the bottom. Honestly, this is a little more...young looking than I intended, but with the right top they look super cute.
This was another impulse buy! I think it was...$9? It has a deep V-neck on both sides so there isn't really a front or a back. It's not as intensely purple in real life, but it's pretty purple. I actually wanted to get a turquoise one since I look better in blues, but by the time I was ready to place my order, this was the only color left! It's very soft and a little sexy; I like it!
Down to the final set of clothes! Getting tired yet? I know I am! (And I still have part 3 to write! Ugh, I just know there are a thousand typos. I'm catching a lot of them, but I know I'm not getting them all...). This is a basic, off-white, open knit sweater. It came with a cute tank to wear under it and it's a great basic piece for layering.
And the final piece of clothing! This tank came with the sweater above and looks really cute layered with it. It's a nice, soft jersey material and fits really well.

So there you have it! My first (and certainly not last) order from DreamV! Like I said, almost everything was of higher quality than I expected based on price and I am overall very pleased. You kind of have to add like $4-5 per item to factor in shipping costs (and that doesn't apply to shoes; not sure what shipping would be like on those), but even then, everything is very affordable and cute!

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to check out part 1 and 3!

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