Sunday, March 31, 2013

Glossybox March 2013

Hello! Glad to see you again! I'm very excited for this post because this is going to be the opening of my very first Glossybox! For those of you who don't know what Glossybox is, it's a monthly subscription service where you get a box in the mail each month that contains deluxe samples or full-sized products of make-up and skincare/haircare. There are a LOT of these types of services out there right now that range in price from $10 up to $50+. Glossybox is in the middle at $21 a month for 4-5 products/samples (and that includes shipping, which is nice). I heard about Glossybox from Youtube, actually. I like watching "products I regret buying" videos (I don't know why they amuse me so much) and one of the vloggers was bashing Birchbox (on a side note, I would never sign up for a Birchbox. It just seems so random both in the type and quality of the samples you receive) and talked about other subscription services that she thought were better. Glossybox was one of those. Since I love getting things in the mail, I love trying new things, and I love surprises (if you don't go on the website near the end of the month when they revel what's in the boxes, you can be surprised), I thought why not!
I signed up mid March and got my March 2013 box a few days ago!

Makeup Haul!

Hello again! Time for another make-up haul! I got a couple packages recently delivered from Sephora, so I figured I'd show you guys what I got! I'm starting to feel that it's actually a good thing that I wait to post my hauls because that way I have time to try some things out and these posts aren't just "hey, look at what I got!" but more "hey, look at what I got and this is what I think of it!", which are generally more interesting and informative kinds of posts. So with that, let's get to it! (The first few paragraphs are about my quest to get Hello Kitty nail polishes, so feel free to skip down if you'd find that boring. Pictures start when I start actually talking about my haul!)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Small Clothes Haul and Remembering Tym

Hello! Hope you've all been well! I've had an interesting past week or so; nothing too bad, but it's kind of had a general feel of "blah". The two biggest low lights are a bad haircut/dye job and my office fish, Tym passing away.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Magazines!

Hello! Uh, so it seems like the "pick a certain day and post something everyday" idea didn't turn out quite the way I was hoping. I'm not sure why I keep putting off posting; it actually makes it harder to make quality posts because I forget things or I don't take pictures of everything like I should; things like that. As you can see from the title, this post is going to be about my last magazine order! ("Last" as in the last one I received, not the last one I'll be making.) I placed this order on 2/24, and I think it shipped out shortly after that. I got it...Thursday last week? So around 3/14 it got to me.
A little longer than usual for SAL shipping (at least around here, most things come in about a week), but by no means out of the norm.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Liz Lisa 2013 Fukubukuro!

Hello! Welcome to part 3! I should probably wait to post this until tomorrow when I'm not so tired (I should actually be getting ready for bed since I have to get up early for work tomorrow...) but I'm too excited! My Liz Lisa fukubukuro came today! After a very long wait (Liz Lisa was a bit slow shipping them to my SS), they're finally here! I actually didn't want to open them right away; I almost didn't want the suspense to end! I love fukubukuro (or lucky packs) when you don't know what you're getting. It's kind of like gambling, but you can't really "lose" since you still get stuff! As you may or may not know (depending on if you've read previous entries) I order the Sweet Ribbon Big Tote and the Sweet Ribbon Boston Bag. The tote had 6 items in it, including this weird fuzzy make-up bag that everyone got and the boston bag had 3 items in it. The tote is supposed to be worth 50,000yen and the bag is worth 20,000yen.
After fees and shipping, my cost came to about $300 (they were SUPER expensive to ship; it was 8900yen...but once again, EMS shipping is super quick so they got here in about 3-4 days) so I still got a good deal.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Hello! This is part 2 of my gigantic post (of which I am very glad I split into three parts!). This one is going to focus on my rather large order from the webshop of DreamV!

You can find DreamV on Rakuten, which is kind of like an international marketplace. You can also find Chocomint on there! I only recently discovered DreamV, and I really wish I had known about it before. There's a huuuuge selection of really cute clothing and it's all very affordable. The only two issues are that you have to pick a size based on your measurements (which is a little tricky, as you'll see) and they only ship EMS which is very expensive (but only takes like 3 days, which is awesome). I spent a good couple hours browsing and built up a good sized order!
Here;s a nice collage showing my order! I circled the color of the items that I ordered, though I apparently didn't end up ordering the green-grey shorts in the top row. I thought I had, but I must have removed them from my cart. I also ordered a sweater dress that had ribbons on the back that I couldn't find again to get a picture of for my collage, but it came none-the-less so it must have sold out in the meantime. Things seem to sell out really quick on DreamV, so if you like something, I recommend ordering as soon as possible! One thing, too, the translation is pretty hilarious (I'm pretty sure they just run it through a program) and if you're looking for a laugh, read the reviews. Even though they're garbled and amusing, they are still pretty helpful if you can figure out what the person was trying to say.

After placing my order (in total it was 16 items, but I got 19 articles of clothing because a couple things were sold as sets), I got an e-mail in English from Rakuten letting me know they got my order. The next day, I got an e-mail in Japanese from DreamV confirming that they got my order and to let me know the shipping cost. Which is where things got a little sour for me. Shipping ended up being about $80, so my total order was around $360. Which, for 19 pieces of clothing, isn't that bad, it was just a little more than I was expecting to spend. The next day, DreamV sent me an e-mail letting me know my order was shipped out and they gave me a tracking number. Three days later and my package was here!
Overall, from the moment I placed my order, to the time I actually received my package, I think it was about 4-5 days. Not bad at all.

Magazines and Make-Up

Hello! I'm actually going to split tonight's post into three different ones! That way, I won't have to jump around from one topic to the next and you'll be able to read only what you're interested in (well, to a degree...)! This first entry is going to be about my recently received magazine order and my Sephora order as well as some extra make-up stuff! Actually, this one is going to end up being a little shorter than the other two...

To start with! My recent magazine order! I've been waiting a little bit for this once since I had pre-ordered the Gothic Lolita Bible #47 back at the beginning of February. I was really excited to get this order since I had gotten the Feb. issue of egg (recently, I've been interested in gyaru fashion, as you will see in the next two posts) to see what it was like, as well as two mooks with totes! I use CDJapan for all my magazine purchasing needs, and they always do a wonderful job.
They always pack things very nicely and they keep a good stock of the magazines I'm most interested in.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Way Too Much Stuff!

Hello! Ugh, I don't know why I put off making a post until I get a ridiculous amount of material to write about. I really want to try doing more regular, smaller sized updates instead of one giant one every week or so; maybe if I pick a specific day or two to make a post and make it a goal to post on those days without fail, I'll be able to get myself to sit down and do it. Anyways! Onto the  post!