Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow Day!

Hello! Okay, it's not technically a snow day since it's Sunday and I have today off, but it is snowing quite a lot outside and it may possibly continue into tomorrow (which would then maybe be a snow day!). I feel bad for my husband since he had to go into work today, but if the weather takes a turn for the worse, he'll hopefully be able to come home early.  I just hope that his drive home will be safe and uneventful.

Due to the snow, I have some time to just hang out here and get a blog post out before it because as jam-packed as the previous one! After I got my order from Sephora on Thursday, I got an e-mail that said my hair oil had come back into stock! I'm running really low, so I decided to go ahead and order it, along with a nail treatment trio and a new mousse I've been wanting to try. I don't normally order things so close together, and I really want to avoid any extra purchases since the Innocent World oddment packs may be coming up any day now, but I really needed more hair oil.

Here's my order! Same as always, full sizes on the right, samples on the left. I also was able to get a 500 point Beauty Insider set; I'm really excited for this one. It's a sample set of Josie Maran Argan Essentials and it comes with some Bear Naked Wipes, Argan Cleansing Oil, 100% Pure Argan Oil, and an Argan Lip Treatment. I've only tried the cleanser before, but it was really nice and I'm always looking for solutions for my dry lips. The black bag is a special fragrance sample set; I picked the "addictive" set which includes samples of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (I have a lot of samples of this, including a really big deluxe one, but this is one of my favorite perfumes ever, so the more, the merrier!), Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Prada Candy, Hanae Mori Butterfly, and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur.  I was torn between this set and the "Playful" set, but even though I seem drawn to "fresh" scents, I never like them on me. I must just have weird body chemistry.
 I highly recommend the Kendi Oil from Alterna's Bamboo Smooth line. Highly. It never makes my hair look or feel greasy, and I really notice a different from when I do use it and when I don't. I also like it because it doesn't have a lot of the extra "bad" chemicals that other hair oils have. When I first wanted to try a hair oil, I debated between this and the Bumble and Bumble one, but this one won. And I am so glad it did! The hair mousse is also from Alterna's Bamboo Smooth line, and from the reviews, it looks pretty good. I'm always on the look out for things that will tame my hair. I have very dry, frizzy, curly, fine hair and that is a nightmare to do anything with. I've tried a lot (A LOT-I can't emphasis that enough) of different products, from the very cheap to the very expensive. The best results I've had have been from the Ouidad daily rinse shampoo and conditioner (though lately I've been using a sulfate-free shampoo from the drug store because I've been trying to save money. It seems to be working fairly well, but the Balancing Rinse Essential Daily Conditioner (that's the full name) is something my hair can deal without.) Unfortunately, Sephora doesn't carry the BRED Conditioner in store anymore, and it's sold out online pretty much all the time. I've had to go to Ulta to get it. After I get out of the shower, I use the hair oil and give it a little bit to soak in. Finally, I've been using the curl mousse by the John Frieda Frizz-Ease line. I have good experiences with mousses versus hair gels, but they do leave my hair crunchy. The Alterna mousse says it doesn't do that (though my hopes aren't high), so we'll see.

The nail treatment set also seems to sell out a lot online (it's an online exclusive) since you're basically get the quick-dry drops for free. I'm finally running out of my top and base coats, so I figured why not capitalize on a good deal, since I was lucky and it was in stock.

To change gears, there's a new Pokemon TCG Expansion out; PLASMA STORM. Obviously, I had to go get some packs!
The fourth Pokemon on the boosters is Infernape (I'm pretty sure; I'm not 100% on that). I'm...kind of superstitious and I like to buy boosters that have Pokemon I like on them. I don't know why; I don't think it actually matters. This is my first pack:
And this is a close-up of the rares:
I don't know why, since the expansion is very obviously Team Plasma themed, but I was actually surprised to see Team Plasma Pokemon. I guess I was more surprised by the different colored border than anything else. It is a little weird (I come from old school Pokemon TCG expansions; I collected all of the base set, Jungle set, and Fossil set, then stopped collecting until I started buying again recently from Black & White on) and you can tell which card is a Team Plasma one just from looking at the side when they're stacked in a deck.

Here is my second pack, as well as another close-up of the rares:

Another issues I noticed with the expansion being Team Plasma themed is that Team Plasma has some really lame Pokemon. I mean, Durant? Watchog? I was happy to get Cherrim, though. She's one of my favorite Pokemon (probably in my Top Ten) and her art is even of her sunny form, which is the cute one! Now my third pack; THAT was my lucky pack!

Check out my rares!

An EX!! A full art EX! I'm not sure if I'll ever to get actually play Cobalion (I really wish they still included energy in boosters. I have ONE Steel energy, and none of the new packs have energies. The only reason why I can make functional decks now is that I still have all my original energies. Though I did have to buy a theme deck to get a good stock of Dark.) but it's super cool looking and I love the thrill of getting rare cards!

Overall, I'm still on the fence about this new expansion. I don't really like the Team Plasma Pokemon so far, but it's nice to have some new cards to collect. I've noticed that Plasma Storm has taken over where the Boundaries Crossed packs had been, and that BC isn't in stock right now. I really want to get more BC packs since I really like that expansion. Hopefully, they'll come back in stock soon and then I can get more!

Since I went to Target to get the Pokemon cards, I also stopped by the toy section to see if they had anything cool in stock. And they did! They had a few more Series 1 and 3 LaLaLoopsy blind bags! And they were even cheaper than before! I got 4, two from each series.

Here's what I got from the Series 1 bags:

I didn't get the ones I was hoping for (and really, when it comes to blind bags, who ever does?), but they're cute and cheap, so I'm happy. And here's the Series 3 bags:

I'm a little less pleased with these than I was with the Series 1 pulls. Obviously, because I got a double and none of the ones that I had wanted. The double will come live with me at work; though my computer stand (it's where I keep my little figures) is getting a bit crowded. At least now I have someone to swaps heads with with my Cow Girl.

Since I figured I should buy something useful from Target, I went to check out their hosiery section. And lucky I did! They had colored tights on sale!
...I bought a lot. But they were only $3.50, so why not? You never know when you'll need a certain color of tights!

My husband I also went to the comic book shop last night! They're open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, which is really nice since my husbands works pretty late. I got the third My Little Pony comic book:

And a fat little Iron Man keychain decoration thing (does these have actually names? Zipper pull? I don't know):

Haha, he is so fat and cute! I also got a cardboard box to store my ever growing collection of Pokemon card doubles, but that's boring looking so I didn't take a picture. I had a choice between two different covers for the MLP comic, but I decided to pick the cuter of two. The other design was of the changling-forms of the Main Six in silhouette with white eyes and bared fangs along with Queen Chrysalis. Finally, on our way out, I also got two more Littlest Pet Shop gashapons.

I was only going to buy one, but I got the orange one first, and I knew right away it was a double (technically, it's a triple now...) so I had to get another, which luckily was not a double!

I love cats, but I don't really need a third cellphone charm of the same one. The dog is really cute, though, and since these were only a dollar each, I still feel like I came out on top.

Thanks for reading! I hope you continue to enjoy my posts and come back and read more!

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