Thursday, February 7, 2013

Many, Many Things

Hello! Goodness, it has been a while! I do apologize for that, I've been a bit busy. But! I have a whole bunch of pictures for you, so hopefully that makes up for it. Actually, I have so many pictures, I'm...not too sure if I'm going to talk about things as much as usual. Possibly another perk for you? Possibly. Oh, I also want to apologize for the relatively poor picture quality of most of these. I had to take them in poor lighting (or, when it's nighttime in my apartment) and had to chose between harsh flash or being unable to see things clearly. A lesser of two evils choice, sadly.
 To start with, I got a couple more LaLaLoopsy blind bags and booster of Pokemon cards! The LaLaLoopsies have since sold out, which makes me sad since I really wanted some more.

I got a Series 1 and a Series 3 bag. I wanted more Series 1 bags, but this was the last one I could find. I think it's because it had the best (and cutest) different paint jobs.
As you can see, from the Series 1 bag, I got this weird little sheep themed Loopsy. At least, I think she's supposed to be a sheep. She has little fluffy spots painted on the front, and a number "5" painted on her back. She's pretty cute, so I'm happy I got her (though I would have much preferred the equation girl or the cupcake girl).
Annnnnd then I got a double. Yes, I got the cow girl again. I really wanted the night sky one, but I get the feeling she was on the rare side. Oh well. My little cow has come to work with me and now keeps me company along with Rainbow Dash, Lucky Dreams, Iron Man, and Thor.
Here's the booster I got. I'm pretty sure I have said this before, but it really bothers me how these cards are packaged at places like Target. It just feels like a waste. I try to buy my cards from our local comic book store, but they haven't had the Boundaries Crossed boosters in for a while.
Sorry this is so blurry. I took like 20 pictures and this was the best one. My camera is pretty middle of the road, but it seems to really, really struggle in low-light conditions.
Here are the two holos I got; a reverse Sandshrew and a Ditto. This pack was actually very unlucky for me; I already had all the cards that I got except for Ditto. I even already had a reverse holo Sandshrew, so this booster was kind of a let down. I haven't bought any cards since just because of how much of a waste of money this pack felt like.

Let's see, after that I ordered some make-up from

And here it is! The things on the left are all full sizes, things on the right are samples. I really only made this order since VIBs had a chance to get two SK-II samples with their orders. If you don't know what SK-II is, it's a very expensive line of skin care products that are endorsed by Cate Blanchett that is supposed to be amazing. I've really wanted to try it, so I figured I take advantage of the opportunity. I usually avoid buying Sephora brand products since I don't think they're much better than drug store brands and that they tend to be a little expensive for what they are (though I do love their eye make-up remover, nail polish remover, Sephora by OPI nail polish, and brushes) but I nabbed some sale stuff since my make-up collection has been lacking eye liner. The kohl, dual liner, and turquoise "Blasted" nail polish were all on sale for $3 each, which I thought was pretty reasonable. They were sold out of the nail polish remover that I usually buy (the purple stuff that smells like black licorice) but I am running out, so I decided to try something new. The nail polish was a bit of a splurge; I still regret not getting the Tinseltown set when it was on sale and I've been wanting to expand my collection. I did pay full price for the top 10 set ($36...) which is a bit over priced for what you get, but this way I have 10 different colors to play around with. I have never, ever gone through a full bottle of polish ever in my life, so I really don't mind the mini sizes. And to show how long I've been putting this post off...

My order came in today! Oh man, the flash in this picture is terrible. Hopefully you can still see everything alright. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually got the three free samples I asked for (the ones that aren't the SK-II ones, which are smaller than I thought they would be. Usually when Sephora offers specific samples to VIBs they're "deluxe" samples and are fairly large. I suppose since the products are so expensive, these are "deluxe" sizes) since I heard that the GlamGlow mask is really hyped up and popular. Also, the day after I put in my order, Sephora no longer offered the GlamGlow mask or the Ren Day Cream samples. I'm excited to try things out and maybe even post a review or something.

I also order some other things online. Lately, I've started crocheting again. I do have an etsy shop, but there has been nothing in it for ages just because their fees are a little ridiculous and I hate using paypal. Since it's been a while since I crocheted, it's been a while since I purchased yarn. So I had to buy more yarn! I tend to go for pretty middle of the road yarns; I REFUSE to use any Red Heart yarn since their quality is just awful. I started out crocheting with their "Super Saver" yarn (which is the worst yarn money can buy), but after I got more experienced, I moved on to softer and better yarns! I very rarely crochet with actual wool since it's so expensive, so I usually use acrylic yarns. Vanna's Choice is my favorite line of yarn since it's pretty reasonably priced and comes in a wide variety of colors. Or at least it did, until Joann's decided to pare down the colors of Vanna's Choice Baby that they carried in store. I like to make food-themed accessories, and Vanna's Choice Baby has some of the best colors to replicate cake and frosting. And most of the color I use are now only available online. So I ordered some!

I got 1 skein of Bluebell (it's a really good color for making blue Totoros) and 2 skeins of the other 3 colors. Chocolate Cake, obviously, is really good for doing pieces that are supposed to be cake and Aqua and Mint are super cute as frosting colors. Duckie is the color I like to use to yellow cake, and Pink Poodle also makes a good frosting color, but you can still find those 2 colors in store. I got lucky and ordered on Superbowl Sunday so shipping was only $0.47! My only issue with ordering from Joann's (besides their shipping costs when you don't have a promotion) is that it takes forever to get to you. I'm expecting this yarn to show up around mid next week.

I also went to the store and purchased some other colors of yarn from the regular Vanna's Choice line.

I got some more White (which I always need), Chocolate (which is great for...chocolate), Terracotta (this is a really god color for orange baked goods like pumpkin pie), and Scarlet (an overall good red). And just so this isn't all about the yarns I buy, here's a hat I made with them:

It's supposed to be carrot cake themed. The orange is the Terracotta color mentioned above, the white is, well, White, and the green is...Fern, I think. I'm also working on a Strawberry Shortcake themed hat as well as mitts to go along with them.

After much deliberation, I decided to order more magazines from Japan (despite the fact that my first order hasn't even shipped yet. It says the cat bag should become available 2/9, even though it originally was 1/31, so hopefully it will ship soon after that. And since I picked SAL, I'll still have longer to wait...). My decision was influenced by the fact that I had to get my pre-order for the GLB Vol. 47 in by Feb 6.

I ordered the March issue of KERA, the...Feb? issue of egg (this one was more out of curiosity; I never read an issue of egg before), the GLB issue #47, a Q-Pot e-mook with a tote bag and little pouch (this one I'm a bit concerned about; it's from 2011 I believe and is listed as shipping out in 1-3 weeks. I don't mind waiting since the GLB doesn't come out until the end of Feb, but I get the feeling the e-mook is going to go "out of print" and I won't be able to get it), and finally a Liz Lisa e-mook with a My Melody x Liz Lisa collab tote (I love Liz Lisa and I love My Melody! I've been eyeing this for a while and decided to just finally get it). The one hitch in my magazine order, is that I got basically bullied into signing up for Verified by Visa, this bizarre identify theft protection program offered by Visa. I've been asked to sign up for it before, but I've been able to opt out. I guess you're only allowed to opt out 2-3 times before you're forced to sign up for it. I was super scared that it was some kind of phishing scam (since they make the sign up look as scammy as possible) but after a but of research, I'm about 95% sure it was legit. Still, I don't like being forced to use "optional features" and it seems more likely you'll get your identity stolen using this program than if you didn't use it.

Almost done! I also convinced my husband to take me to Wal-Mart this week so I could pick up...

Catrine DeMew! I was excited to get this one, since I love cats and like to describe myself as "artistic". I heard she was a Wal-Mart exclusive, and even though her box doesn't say she is (they usually do, don't they?) I'm assuming she is since that's the only place I've seen her. Going to Wal-Mart is definitely...not preferred, especially the one that we go to (since it's closest). It's in a pretty sketchy part of town and is just...awful. There's not really another way to describe it. It smells awful, the people there (both customers and workers) are very rude and creepy, and it's just...awful. I'm not going to lie, I'm not a fan of Wal-Marts in general, but I know there are some fairly nice ones (as nice as a Wal-Mart can be) and this one is just the bottom of the barrel. BUT, I got her, so now we don't have to go back!

I also picked up some My Little Pony blind bags! They were from a series I hadn't seen before, but I get the feeling it may be Wal-Mart exclusive. They had the Wonderbolts symbol on the bags and you have a chance to get a Wonderbolt!

I got three! If they are Wal-Mart exclusive, I'm very sad I did not get more because these are probably my favorite figures out of all the MLP blind bag lines.

Hmm, not sure how well it shows up in this picture (stupid awful flash), but the ponies have this kind of frosted crystal bodies with painted hair. It's a really cool effect. Unfortunately, I got some of my least desired ponies (and as always, a Rainbow Dash. I'm pretty sure I can't NOT pull at least one Rainbow Dash every time I buy these...) but, like I said, they're pretty cool looking so I'm not too bothered (that and they're technically not doubles since they're a different...material? However, I now own every iteration of Pinkie Pie (regular, metallic, glow in the dark, sparkly, and now this crystal one) and far too many Twilight Sparkles (I have a regular one, the rare sparkle one from the first series, one that has an actual crystal cutie mark, and now this one). I'm going to see my parents soon, so I'm actually hoping I'll be able to go to THEIR Wal-Mart (which is far better) and pick up more of these!

FINALLY, I got another package today! I had ordered my husband's Valentine's Day gift last week, but I didn't want to spoil the surprise so I didn't post it. The package came today, which is a relief since I had forgotten to put in my apartment number when I entered my address. I ordered a couple extra little things since, if you're going to order something from Japan, you might as well order more!

I got candy! The left is Kuro Ame, a "traditional black sugar" candy and the right are little boxes of different varieties of Meji chocolate candies. I heard the kuro ame tastes a bit like brown sugar and have been very curious to try it. The Meji chocolates were just cute. I've tried most of the varieties. And to show just how cute they are...

These are the backs of the boxes! You can learn different words in English/Japanese (depending on which one is your native language). I don't know if the letters are random, but they're super cute, especially the "unicorn" one.

WHEW. That got pretty long! I actually went and got a couple things from Forever21 as well, but I decided to not take any pictures since I just got a couple ivory colored camis and a scarf that was on sale (that's super huge and fluffy and a cute teal/grey color). Hopefully, I don't put off my next post for quite this long so I don't end up rambling on forever!

Thanks for reading!

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