Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello! Yes, as my title says, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I actually didn't do anything special today since me and my husband both work (and he's working rather late), so we have plans to go out and have a special day on Saturday! We did, however, get each other presents!
This is what I got him, all nicely wrapped! I got the wrapping paper for $1.00 from Target. It was kind of weird since it was like a plastic film and not actual paper, but it did its job rather well! Remember when I posted before about getting my order from Japan with the black sugar candy and mini chocolates? I can finally show you what else I ordered!
I can't actually show you pictures of the real things since the cookies have been eaten (that's what's in the box on the right) and Megaman has already been taken out of his package.
You can actually buy the American Megaman D-Arts figure from Amazon for like $5 less than what I paid, but this way the box he came in was in Japanese and said "Rockman" (which is what he's called over there) instead of "Megaman". Details! The box of cookies on the right is more of a gag gift; the cookies have Japanese memes on them from 2Chan (if you know what 4Chan is, then you know what 2Chan is). They were actually really tasty, too!
This is what my husband got me! I have a hard time sleeping sometimes, and I saw these special pillows on ThinkGeek that help you relax by simulating a heartbeat of a person who is deeply relaxed or meditating. I never had the extra spending money to buy one (they're pretty pricey; I think they were around $50) but always wanted one. For some reason, they became basically impossible to find. ThinkGeek stopped carrying them, the original designer's website no longer carried them; they were out of stock everywhere. My husband somehow managed to track one down from a website called HeartSong (if you get a chance, and like cute things, check them out! They have some really cute stuff.)! They sell stuff for children, so they had in stock the mini version of the beating heart pillow. I think I actually prefer the little one over the big one now that I've used it since the little one is easy to take with you and can fit almost anywhere. The weird thing is that while I have it on, it kind of annoys me since it does make a fairly loud vibrating noise, but once I turn it off (or if it shuts off automatically) I'm suuuuper relaxed. It was a very thoughtful gift!

I also was lucky enough to get my Sephora order today!

Another small, fairly boring order of essentials. I was running really low on my hair oil, so I'm glad I got that in and I'm super excited to start using the mousse! I've actually used it once already (I like to take showers after work rather than before. I let my hair air dry and I hate going to work with wet hair.) and I'm a little...unsure? about it. I'll have to see what my hair looks like tomorrow morning, as that is the big test of whether or not I like a hair product. The big card at the top was a random insert that has a little sample of perfume on the back! My three free samples are at the bottom; the exfoliater is for my mom since she really likes that brand, and the other two are for me! I don't try to pick fragrances as my free samples since I have so many of them, but I wanted to try Lady Million. Sadly, it smells really generic to me, kind of like every perfume ever rolled into one. It's hard to describe.

The black bag is my "Addictive" fragrance sampler set!

Ugh, sorry about the obnoxious flash. Nothing too special here, just more fragrance samples to add to my collection. I should really take a picture and show you how many I have. It's getting ridiculous. At this rate, I will never have to buy a full sized bottle ever again. One thing that did kind of bug me is that they replaced Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur with Burberry Brit. I'm not sure why they would have to do that though, since I figure they would have enough to fill all the bags until they ran out entirely, unlike the three random samples that you can pick when you check-out. Hmm, strange.

I'm really, really happy with my 500-point Josie Maran Argan Essentials set! Here is a very blurry picture of what the four products look like.
The samples are much bigger than I was expecting, which is nice. It even says the lip treatment (which was the thing I wanted to try the most; it's on the far right) is full sized! I've used the Argan cleanser before (the yellow bottle) and had a good experience so I'm excited to try the other three products!

Hmm, I really want to start posting other things besides things I buy, but by the time I get motivated enough to make a post, I have a whole bunch of stuff to catch up on! I am still going to try to do a review of the new Monster High dolls, as well as maybe talk about make-up. I would like to note that I've been using my SK-II samples and I'm not really impressed. I know it's basically impossible to make a judgment on a skin care product without using it for at least a month, but it's been causing me to break out. On my normal routine of the First Aid Beauty Facial Cleanser, Facial Radiance Pads, and Ultra Repair Cream I had little to no acne. With the SK-II facial cleanser and moisturizer, I'm starting to get a lot of acne in my t-zone and the pores on my nose are getting clogged. I do have really sensitive skin, so it may just be the change that's upsetting it, but like I said, without being able to try it for a month or more, I just won't know.

Thanks for reading and, again, I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day! <3!!

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