Sunday, February 17, 2013

Branching Out

Hello! I wanted to get a quick post in because I am so excited! Why am I so excited? I just bought two Liz Lisa 2013 lucky packs!
Note: I found this photo on the internet, so I don't know where it's from. BUT, it shows the different lucky packs Liz Lisa had this year (I think there were different ones you could only get in the store that had floral patterns on them...). I was browsing the webshop for fun, and I saw that they still had the Sweet Ribbon Big Tote and the Sweet Ribbon Boston lucky packs in stock. I've been digging the clothing available from Liz Lisa and thought this would be the perfect way to get some! My only hurdle was finding a shopping service that I felt comfortable using, since Liz Lisa doesn't ship internationally. I know a lot of shopping services for things from Taobao, but I didn't really know any for Japan. I'm not sure if I was just searching for the wrong things or looking in the wrong places, but it was a little tricky to find a service I wanted to use. I know there are services like Tenso and From Japan, but--and I don't know why--I wanted to go through a small shopping service. I did manage to find one that looked nice through Live Journal, so I placed my order with her. I hope it comes soon! (I'm hoping in maybe a week. She said she'd purchase it as soon as I payed, which I did as soon as she invoiced me, and she ships EMS, so it all depends on how long Liz Lisa takes to send to her!).
This picture shows what you can get in the lucky packs.
I've gone through some other peoples' 2013 lucky pack openings, and while I have seen people get exactly what's pictured, I've also seen people get nothing that's pictured. I do know that that fuzzy make-up bag in the Tote lucky pack is in everyone's bags. Which is a shame, because I'm not sure I really like it. It just seems so...puffy and useless. You also get a secret gift in the Tote which can be just about anything. I've seen someone get cute little bloomers, I've seen dresses, and I've even seen a very weird red plaid shirt.

I'm also a little concerned about fit. I wear a extra small/small in American sized clothing, but I do have larger breasts, so that might be a problem. I also have slightly larger hips, so if I do get shorts, I hope they don't look too weird. Haha, a lot of hoping!

I also wanted to mention that my magazine order (the one with the Muchacha cat bag) shipped earlier this week! So that's on it's way, too! I chose SAL shipping, so it could be a while, but SAL shipping usually takes a week an a half to two weeks in my experience. I actually can't remember if I mentioned this is a previous post, but when I skimmed through I didn't see anything, so I hope I didn't tell you twice!

Finally, to wrap up this random post, I wanted to show you a little pumpkin pie I crocheted today.

And here it is! Sorry about the terrible photo; I had to use the flash or it would be too dark to see. It's a simple little pumpkin pie pattern I found on Ravelry that I wanted to try out. It has a satchel of pumpkin pie spice in it so it smells like pumpkin pie! Well, in theory. I don't have any pumpkin pie spice, so I made my own using a "recipe" I found online, but I think I added too much ground cloves because it smells really, really clovey and not really pumpkin pie-y to me. My husband smelt it and he says it smells great, just like pie, but I'm not convinced.

I'm trying to figure out more things to crochet that I could possibly sell in the future. I love these little foods, but they don't do me any good just sitting around the house, especially since I have so many! I've made hats and scarves and things like that, and, like I said before, I do have an (empty) Etsy shop, but I've never been able to really sell any of my work.

That's all for now! A very short, quick post to keep you up to speed! I can't wait until I get my packages so I can show you all what I got. Also, Innocent World really, really needs to put up their winter oddment packs. The longer I wait for them, the less sure I am that they are going to do them this year...

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