Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Package Came!

Hello! Yes, as the title says, I got a package today! My magazine order from mid-January finally arrived! I was actually really surprised to see it today; it shipped around Feb. 12th, I chose SAL shipping, and after throwing no mail on President's Day into the mix, it only took it about a week to get here. I was telling one of my co-workers that I was hoping it would come today, but that there was no way it would since it had only been a week, but there it was!
I was able to open it earlier in the day, but I didn't get a chance to look at anything until I got home from work, so some pictures are from the daytime and some are from the night (and thus are a little blurry and poorly lit. Sorry about that...)
This is right after I opened it. It was surprisingly heavy; I'm glad my mail person was able to deliver it (I get paranoid that something is going to either be too heavy or too large and that I'll have to go to the post office to get it...) The Muchacha special cat box set was sitting right on top! This was what I was most looking forward to getting since I love cats and this bag is so weird looking (not to mention now sold out!).
Here is everything taken out of the box. Everything is wrapped very securely in bubble wrap, which I thought was nice. All my magazines got here in great condition.
These are all my magazines and goodies laid out. Now the photos are going to get kind of weird since I had to take them at night. My order was kind of Zipper heavy this time, with the February and March issues, as well as the Hair and Make-up Book. I've been trying to think about which magazine I like more, KERA or Zipper and which magazine I want to consistently purchase. I like KERA because it has more Lolita-themed things, as well as a lot of street snaps (I really like street snaps; it's interesting to see how real people are wearing certain fashions and not just how brands like to style their clothes on models), and I like Zipper because it's a little more...not "normal" or "mainstream", but more like things I can wear and try out on a daily basis. It kind of feels like the Japanese version of the magazine "Nylon"; it can be a little dull, but it has a lot of good fashion advice and make-up/hair tutorials. Zipper was also the magazine that one of my favorite mangas was published in (Ai Yazawa's "Paradise Kiss") so it holds a special place in my heart. Also, Zipper tends to have free stuff while KERA does not. And speaking of free stuff from Zipper...
This is the Candy Stripper x Snoopy tote I got with the February issue of Zipper! I'm not actually a big fan of Snoopy (I think it's because Snoopy is everywhere here, especially after they started using him on stuff from K-Mart from the "Joe Boxer" line), but this tote is pretty cute. It has Snoopy and Woodstock on little moons! This tote was a lot more...plastic-y feeling than I was expecting. It kind of feels like those reusable shopping bags you can buy for a dollar at a lot of stores now. Another thing that disappointed me about the bag was that it had this really weird stain near the bottom of it that went from one side to the other. It's a big purplish-reddish dot that starts on one side, bleeds through the middle, and ends on the other. It looks kind of like an inking error or something. I'm not sure what else it could be! The tote is still cute, but flaws like that kind of bug me.
This is the pouch and nail stickers I got with my March issue. These I bought blind without seeing them first since I per-ordered the March issue. The pouch is super cute and is a lot roomier than I thought it would be. It even has an extra little pocket inside! The nail stickers are kind of so-so. They aren't really designs I would normally wear, but since I didn't buy the magazine to specifically get them (I just wanted more Zippers!), I'm happy with them.
Finally, the driving force behind my order (and why it took so long to ship out...) the Muchacha special gift box! Here are the bag, the scarf, and the postcard book. They came in the special gift box (which I was pleasantly surprised to find was nice and sturdy and reusable!) stacked and neatly wrapped in plastic.
Here is one of my favorite postcards from the postcard book. It's a bunch of stuffed animals with drawn on hair! The rest of the postcards make about the same amount of sense. They're all pretty interesting and amusing to look at, though some are a bit creepy (there are ones with ball jointed dolls with weird eyes and things like that). The book itself is nicely made, and it's even in hardcover, so it will look cool on my bookshelf.
This is the scarf that came with the set. Once again, it's a little creepy (I think it's the way the cat is looking at you, as well as the random extra eyes), but it's creepy in a pretty sort of way. It's fairly good sized, and while I don't think you can actually wear it, it's big enough to tie on things like purses (which I think is what it's intended for). It feels very delicate and soft, but I think it should be well made enough to stand up to use.
And the best part of the gift box; the bag! This was actually smaller than I was expecting, though I don't know why since they had measurements posted and I even took a tape measure to get a sense of how big it was. It's big enough to hold all the essentials like wallet, phone, and keys, which is really all I need (I carry around way too much stuff in my bag...). It's nice, too, that it comes with both a shoulder chain and handles so you can use it as a shoulder bag or a hand bag. Because of it's size, I'm pretty sure I'll use it mostly as a shoulder bag. Another thing I didn't expect was how...nylon-y it feels. I guess I was expecting it to be more like a canvas material, but the fabric feels fairly nice and not cheap or anything. Overall I am very pleased with it and am very happy I ordered it! It also makes me want to try and get last years cat bag as well (I think the brown cat from last years is a little cuter and a little less creepy than this white one, though once again I think it's mostly just how the eyes look).

I'm so happy my order finally came, and I can't wait to start "reading" my new magazines! (I say "reading" because I'm not very good at reading Japanese so it's mostly me just looking at pictures...). I'm also looking forward to my other magazine order shipping out soon (the GLB I per-ordered should be coming out around 2/23, so it should be shipping within a week after that) as well as my Liz Lisa lucky packs (I haven't anything from my SS besides that she bought them from the website right after I had paid the invoice on the 17th, so I hope she'll be getting them from the store soon; and then hopefully she ships them to me shortly after that!).

I'm also looking forward to my Iron Man nendo shipping out around the end of March (he got delayed...). I'm hoping they made it so that you can pop his faceplate off and put other nendo faces on. I want to make Iron Haru-chan! I could also make an Iron Stocking since my husband has the Stocking nendo. So many possibilities!

I'm starting to wonder if Innocent World is going to do a winter oddment pack this year. They haven't put it up yet and last year they did it closer to the beginning of February. I've been checking their English site daily to see if they've gone up (sometimes twice a day...), but nothing. I hope they go up soon, or I'm going to be very sad that I didn't buy anything from their sale! I really want to at least get one piece of deer themed clothing (I already missed out on the color I wanted for the JSK, but hopefully I can still get a skirt, the socks, and maybe even the headbow).

That about wraps everything up for today. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy yourself! See you next time!

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