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Hello! I had meant to post this sooner, but I've been quite sick the last few days. I even stayed home from work on Monday, which was unfortunate since, as you know, I'm trying to save up for an Innocent World oddment pack (and hopefully, a big one at that!). I am glad I did stay home, though, since I think it really helped and I'm already starting to feel a bit better and more functional.

I went out shopping Sunday and got some goodies! First, I went to Toys R Us. I tend to avoid going to TRU since they always overcharge for their stuff ($5 for a pack of pokemon cards? No, thanks.) but my husband really wanted to check out what was new. I ended up getting some My Little Pony blind bags since they were buy one get one 50% off AND they were actually cheaper than they are at Target! I was really surprised; all the MLP merchandise was cheaper at TRU than it was at Target. I got a crystal blind bag and a series 2 blind bag.
Luckily, I didn't get a Rainbow Dash (I was pretty sure I would), but I did get a double.
Unopened bags!
This was my double, Lucky Dreams. She was painted pretty horribly and the inside of her tail is completely unpainted. From what I've seen of my other blind bags, I get the feeling that either the quality control at Hasbro is slipping or they're making so many of these they just don't care anymore. This little pony is now keeping me company at work (along with a Rainbow Dash and a tiny Thor and Iron Man)!
And this is Twilight Velvet! I really liked this pony; at first I thought she looked way too much like my crystal Twilight Sparkle (also...kind of a lazy re-naming), but she's actually a pretty color (it does show up a bit in the picture, but it's a bluish, greenish twinkle) and her eyes are a  lovely shade of blue. I'm glad I got her.

After TRU, I went to a shopping mall (ooooo...vague!). I wasn't feeling too well by this point (this was when I was starting to get sick) so after we had lunch, I tried to take it easy and didn't go to too many shops. The first place we went to was one of those seasonal calendar and gift stores since everything in the store was 50% off. My husband got a lot of games and we got some playmobil blind bags!
We got two of them! I've been wanting to branch out my blind bag purchases, and these caught my eye (also, can't beat 50% off). I'm not sure who the target audience are for these; playmobil always seems like a brand for preschoolers, but these figures are a little more mature-looking. You also have to put them together yourself in this really weird way, but you can mix and match pieces between figures, which is pretty neat.
This is the one I opened. I got the Dwarf! I like him; he's very dwarf-y and well armed.
And this is the one my husband opened. He got the British Guard. Also amusing, but not as cool as my dwarf (but it is fun to put his hat ON the dwarf).

I needed to stop by Sephora. And this is what I got!

 I recently started using bareMinerals Stroke of Light eye brightener since I got a little tiny sample in my goodie bag from Christmas-time (every now and then Sephora has goodie bags filled with samples you can get; I got the Cinderella one this year!) and loved it! It really hides my horrible dark undereye circles (which are one of my greatest beauty struggles; they're hereditary and won't go away no matter how much sleep I get. I'm German with deep set eyes and pale pink skin. Yay.) and is an overall good highlighter. It also doesn't have a lot of nasty chemicals in it, which is another reason why I like it so much. I really REALLY want to try the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat pen, but I didn't want to spend more than I needed to right now.

I also got the full size tube of Soap and Glory's Hand Food hand lotion. I have a few of the small tubes around (one at work, one in my purse) and I wanted a big one for home to go along with my tub of body butter (I get ridiculously dry skin in the winter and I'm constantly on the lookout for the next amazing hand and body cream). I LOVE this stuff. It smells amazing and the scent is soft enough that I can wear other fragrances and not worry about it becoming overwhelming. It makes my skin feel so soft and nice! It also absorbs really quickly and it doesn't feel greasy at all (it really annoys me when my hands are all greasy. I feel like I can't do anything until I wash them off, and then that defeats the purpose of putting hand cream on in the first place.). I also like that the brand has a cheeky and playful attitude, and that it's from the UK. Lately, I've been finding a lot of "American" things to be kind of dull. Maybe I just need something unfamiliar to me, but a lot of American brands have really boring and generic packaging and ideas. This is especially true of American fashion trends; it's like we're all trying to play it safe. It always seems to me like other countries are waaaaay ahead of us fashion-wise. I'd much rather read the UK version of Harper's Bazaar or Vogue, or even pick up a Zipper or KERA, than read the American version. Other countries have noticed this, too. In the special ASOS magazine that came with my Nylon (at least I think it was in there), they talked about how in the UK, fashion was more free and it evolved quickly, where in America fashion more about "buy THIS bag, buy THESE shoes, wear THAT color" and about how much money we can spend on our clothing and accessories. It was very interesting, and I definitely agree that that's how it is; though I wish we were more like the UK or Asia where there is more going on in fashion; more ideas, more evolution, and more street styles. Hmm...that was a tangent.

Finally, I got a deluxe sample of benefit's "They're Real!" mascara. I have a lot of points built up, and the 500 point gift this month is kind of lame, so I spent 100 points to get the mascara. I've heard a lot of good things about it (it's one of their best sellers) and I'm always on the look out to try new mascaras. I have a really hard time finding good mascaras. I have very long, but very fine eyelashes and I try to avoid anything that clumps (as we all do). I also tend to prefer non-waterproof mascaras as they're easier for me to clean off. I always end up looking like a racoon after I wash my mascara off no matter how careful I am, and non-waterproof ones I can get off with much less hassle. My current favorite mascara is one from Clinique that I got a sample of in a goodie bag (a lot of times, Macy's or Herberger's will have specials where if you buy like $30 worth of Clinique products, you get a bunch of free deluxe-sized samples. It's a really good deal), but it's nearing the end of it's life and I need to find a new go-to mascara.

After Sephora, I went to the other store I really needed to go to: H&M. I don't get to go to H&M very often since the malls that have them are kind of far from where I live. Since I don't drive, my husband has to take me and since our work schedules rarely match up, we don't get that much time to just go out shopping together. I like H&M a lot, especially for work clothes. It's like an upscale, more mature version of Forever21, and they have really nice clothes. Another plus to shopping at H&M is that they go by European sizing and not vanity sizing (ugh, I hate vanity sizing. I could go on and on about it, but I won't since I've already gone off on one tangent). I got a few things on sale and some earrings!
These are the tops I got, mostly for work. The star t-shirt was only $3, so I couldn't pass that up. My only issue is with the pink button-up blouse. I could only find them in size 2 and size 8 and up. I usually wear a size 6 in tops because I'm petite, but I'm super busty (I wear a 32DDD; Victoria's Secret just came out with bras in that size and I couldn't be happier!) so I knew a size 2 would be pushing it. The size 8 is baggy, but not too much, so I think I can make it work. I'm always looking for button-up blouses for work since I'm very picky about them. I don't like the current blouse trend of 'chiffon' and 'shapeless' since it looks really weird on me and very sloppy. I like more tailored blouses, with cute touches like lace or ruffles (...yeah, I'm a little biased due to Lolita...). Everything else fits great and is super cute, and all together they only cost about $50.
I also got some earrings on impulse (H&M is smart and has jewelry towers along the line for check-out)! I like pearl-shaped earrings since you can wear them with anything, and I especially like it when they come in fun colors. Plus, they're were only $4 so clearly, I had to buy them.

Finally, we went to Target to get some groceries and I got another blind bag and a pack of pokemon cards. They had LaLaLoopsie blind bags on sale, so I decided to try one. I really like the idea of the LaLaLoopsie toy line, cute rag dolls that are hand sewn, but never really got into buying them. I grabbed a Series 3 bag (I wish they would show which ones you can get on the back like the MLP blind bags do) because I liked the look of the cow-girl and the milk and cookies Loopsie.
When I opened it, I was pleased to see I got the cow-girl!
She came with a sticker of herself and a little chart that showed the other ones you can get in the series. I still like the milk and cookies girl, as well as the nighttime sky one. I'm also intrigued by the orange one with the pink bow. I'm not sure what she's supposed to represent. She has weird eyes and a little triangle mouth that kind of looks like a beak. She reminds me of an owl, which is why I think I like her so much. The little doll is very small, only about an inch, inch and half, but on sale she was only $2 so I think she was worth it. I might get another one, but I'm not sure if they're all sold out now or not.

This is the pokemon booster I got! These blister packs are called "check-out blisters" or something like that since they're usually in that little impulse section in check-out lanes. I've only seen these at Target, so I'm not sure if other retailers have them. You usually get a promo card, sometimes an evolution for (or from) the promo, a little special pack that has 3 commons, and a regular booster. They're $5, so they're not really worth it in my opinion, unless you want the promo card.
This is the pack opened; you can see the special 3-card mini booster better here. The pikachu was the promo card in this pack, and the Raichu is a holo for a different series (Next Destiny, I think.) I had the Raichu already, but it was a reverse holo, so it was nice to get a regular holo version.
These were the 3 commons in the little booster pack. I already have a bunch of these, so not really worth it for me.
And these were the cards in my regular booster. I think only the Farfetch'd was new for me, so overall, not a very lucky pack (I even got two Swoobats! I hate when you get two of the same rare in the same booster). I'm excited for the new expansion that should be coming out soon, but I still have so many gaps to fill in my collection of the current expansions!

WHEW. That got really long. I'll cut this post off here before it gets too out of hand. I'm hoping to do a review of my Jinafire Long and Howleen Monster High dolls soon (since I finally opened them). I was impressed with the detail on Jinafire after I opened her, and I think it would be nice to do a review.

Until next time!

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