Sunday, January 13, 2013

Random Purchases

Hello! I'm still trying to get a feel of where I want this blog to go, so I'm not sure how to open this post beyond saying; "I bought things!". It feels little...generic, but I can't think of anything else to open with.
I went out yesterday to get the March/April issue of "Crochet Today!". If you don't know what that is, it's a bimonthly magazine by Red Heart that has a handful of crochet patterns as well as a few articles about yarn shops, crochet accessories, and helpful tips/tricks. I've been picking it up for about a year now; I know I should get a subscription, but I don't know if I'm going to be in my apartment for another year and I'm pretty lazy when it comes to things like address changing. It's a little expensive for a magazine ($7 an issue), but they generally have some interesting patterns. They do have some pretty awful yarn color-choices, though I rarely use their yarn/color suggestions since I dislike the Red Heart yarn line.

Lately, it seems like the amount of good patterns to bad patterns has been diminishing. In the last issue, I liked less than half the patterns and now this issue there's like one or two I'd consider making. Now that I think about it, the last March/April issue was pretty weak, too. Hmm.

While picking up my "Crochet Today!" magazine, I also went to thrift store that specializes in young adult clothing. I was mainly looking for loli-able shoes and bags, but I found a super cute winter coat! I had bought a new coat, but it ended up being a little too lightweight for winter (especially now that temps are hitting single digits) so I've been in the market for a heavy duty coat to replace my old one (which I have had since high school...).

This is the coat I got! The lavender color caught my eye and I couldn't resist! It's also stuffed with down, so it will be super warm. My only gripe about it is that it doesn't have hood. I'll just have to be careful and remember to wear a scarf.

Now to move on to something completely different! I've been really considering buying a New Years Lucky Pack from Innocent World this year. I was going to get the 21000yen pack, but then I discovered that Tokyo Rebel was selling Happy Pack A (the 31500yen pack). Even though their price is a little more expensive than buying straight from Innocent World, after figuring in shipping costs, possible customs fees, and waiting time, buying from Tokyo Rebel is the same, if not better, than buying from Innocent World. I was really torn about buying the LP; on the one hand, I love the thrill of LPs and I want to really expand my lolita wardrobe. On the other, money. I also wasn't too thrilled by the items I've seen other people get in their New Year's LP. I almost purchased one today; I had all my info entered and all that was left was to click the purchase button. Then a thought hit me; winter oddment packs may be coming soon! Like, end of February soon! That is, if Innocent World does winter oddment packs this year. I'd much rather get an oddment pack and get a lot more bang for my buck. Plus, if the winter oddment packs have left over items from their current sale, that would be awesome since there's a lot on sale that I'd like to get. I'm going to try and save up as much as I can; maybe even enough to get the big oddment pack!

Since I didn't drop my cash on a New Year's LP, I went and bought a bunch of japanese magazines I had been eyeing for a while.
I got GLB 45 and 46, the February issue of KERA, the February and March issues of Zipper (the March one is the "no image available" in the picture. It hasn't been released yet), the 2012 Hair and Make-up book by Zipper, and the new Muchacha cat bag. I REALLY hope I got my order in in time to get the March issue of Zipper and the cat bag. It looks like I did for the Zipper issue since it said there was only one left before I placed my order and now it says it's "out of print", but the cat bag I'm not sure. They're usually really popular. Admittedly, I don't like this cat bag as much as the other two (it's kind of...surprised looking), but I didn't want to miss out on it like I missed the other ones. The scarf will be cute to tie onto things, and I'm interested to see what the post card booklet looks like. I am a little disappointed that it didn't come with a catalog like the other bags. Actually, I'm also a little concerned about my GLB Issue 46. It says it usually ships in 1-3 weeks, which generally means the store I ordered from doesn't actually have it in stock. Last time that happened, my item went "out of print" and I couldn't get it. It was the BTSSB mook that came with the black heart bag, actually. I was really crestfallen since that was going to be my very first piece of brand. I ended up ordering it from the Seattle,WA branch of Kinokuniya while I was there for PAX.

I'll be waiting for these bad boys for a while, since the Zipper March issue and cat bag aren't even coming out until the end of January, and I chose SAL shipping, but it will be a nice surprise in February I suppose. Now that I think about it, my Iron Man Nendo may be shipping out end of February-beginning of March, so that will be two surprises! Oh! And then if Innocent World DOES have a Winter Oddment pack that comes out in February, that will be another pleasant surprise.

Hmm, February is starting to look really nice! I just have to make it through January.

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