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Hello! I had meant to post this yesterday, but I decided it would be better to wait until the morning when I would have better lighting for pictures. My apartment faces a weird direction, so we get very little natural light. It's kind of disappointing and makes the place look very drab and gloomy. It also means I have a very small window of time in which to take photos if I want to take them in natural light. Anyways!

A couple days ago, my husband surprised with a package after work (technically, since I live super close to where I work, I saw the package when I came home for lunch, but I didn't have the time to open it until I got home afterwards)! It was supposed to be a Valentine's Day gift, but it came sooner than he expected (he even shipped it SAL, too, and it came in like a week and a half) and he's not very patient. What was in my surprise package from overseas?

A Haru-chan Nendoroid! This is the back and front of her box!
 Recently, my husband and I have gotten into collecting figures (this is the first one that's technically "mine") and will check out AmiAmi's pre-owned selection from time to time. We've gotten a few pre-owned items and as long as you get "B" grade or higher, they're basically like new (Ah, Japanese standards of quality!). I've seen Haru-chan for sale once or twice before, but never bought her. She's super cute, and my husband says she looks kind of like me (when I had blonde hair at least; for a long time I kept my hair blonde because that's what I always thought of as my "natural" hair color; I was very blonde as a child, and my mom still maintains that I am blonde, but as is the nature of things, my hair has darkened considerably and now I've accepted that my natural color is somewhere in between a light brown and a deep, ashy blonde.) Her hair cut is also reminiscent of mine, especially when it's all staticky.

Haru-chan is from NHK General's Newswatch 9 as well as NHK ONLINE's popular online web comic Haru-chan's Weather Trivia. I'm going to be lazy and quote AmiAmi's description of her since it sounds better than what I could type up.

"Her long wavy hair and cherry blossom accessories are all shrunk down to Nendoroid size - even the kanji on her head reads 'Haru' or "Spring' is of course included on the Nendoroid. Haru-chan also comes with three expressions to play with, including her standard smiling face, an agitated face for when the Spring thunderstorms come and even a masked face for when she catches a cold or is suffering from allergies.

She also comes with a rolled-up newspaper sword, her pet white cat that is hanging onto a carp banner that Haru-chan can ride on, and even her two magical staves - "Sakura", which causes cherry blossoms to bloom, as well as "Ame yo Fure", which makes it rain!

Let the warmth of Spring take over with Nendoroid Haru-chan!" - from AmiAmi's description of Haru-chan.

So overall a very cute nendo with a very interesting origin (a lot nendos are from anime, though there are exceptions like Miku and Iron Man). When I first opened her, I was pretty sick, so I put her allergies/cold face on:
But now that I'm feeling better, I have her on her fish!
I also wanted to show all the other little parts she came with. Japanese figures (like figmas and nendos) always have so many little bits and pieces; it's fun to make different poses and expressions!
You can see her static hair here!

I also wanted to post some other little small things I have bought over the last few days. On Thursday, I wanted to go out and do something after work, so we went to the Cost Plus World Market near us. I like going there to get candy from other countries; I'm a big fan of trying different kinds of sweets! I think Cost Plus World Markets are getting hard to find, though, since they tend to not do very well. My husband and I were the only two people in the whole store when we went. I ended up getting some cute Hello Kitty candy that was on sale:
and these really interesting cream filled biscuit cookies by Kinder:
The Hello Kitty candy has three different flavors (peach, lemon, and soda) and is slightly fizzy. One of the ingredients is called "creamy powder" which is kind of weird, but I think it's a mistranslation of milk powder (or something like that), which is a pretty standard ingredient in these types of candy. I had to convince my husband to try the Happy Hippos since he was thrown off by the idea of a "milk filling". They actually taste AMAZING and he is very happy we got them, even if they were kind of expensive at $4.50 for the box.

We also stopped by the comic shop on our way home, and I got two Littlest Pet Shop gashapons!
In the entry way of the comic book shop, they have a bunch of TOMY brand gashapon machines. They usually have pretty lame, generic stuff in them like fruit-shaped erasers, but they recently got Littlest Pet Shop cellphone charms. I used to collect Littlest Pet Shop when I myself was little, and I had pretty much all of the ones that were available at that time, but I went through a phase where I wanted to sell all of my old childhood things, so now I don't have them anymore. I really regret selling them, since back then, they were much more realistic looking and weren't the slightly horrifying bug eyed, bobble-headed creatures they have now. Not that I don't still find them cute, they're just weird and cartoony looking now. Since they were only a dollar, I got two of them! I did get a double (I had bought once previously), but it's a double of one that I like a lot, so now I can use one as a charm and not have to worry about it getting all beat up.
This was the one I got the double of. I really like cats, so I don't mind having more than one, but I was really hoping to get the black cat.
And this is the other one! The penguin's cute, but probably the one that I wanted the least. I would have really liked to have gotten the deer or the rabbit (or the black cat, heh), but for a dollar, these are actually nicely made and well painted. There are LPS blind bags, but they're about $3, and the figures are barely painted; they're one solid color with a little splattering of spots and colored eyes. I think these are a better value. And more useful since you can put them on your phone!

Finally, we went to Target, so I got two more LaLaLoopsy (I have been spelling it wrong this whole time!) Blind Bags.
I got one from series 1 and one from series 2, since the last bag was from series 3. The series 1 bag actually shows you the different ones you can get on the back, but like the series 3 bag, the series 2 one keeps it a mystery.
This is the series 2 bag. Out of the 3 series, I think this is probably my least favorite one. While they're all cute, they're pretty boring. The only one I'd really want would be the pink owl.

And this is the series 1 bag.  I really like some of the options you can get in this series, so I might go and get some more. I especially want to get the metal girl, the nerd girl, and the cupcake girl. I also discovered that you can take their heads off and swap bodies! So, clearly, oodles of fun and possibilities.

So there's my last few days of random little purchases and one very wonderful gift!

Thanks for reading! <3! (Still trying to figure out how obsessive I should be about my tags. Should I tag all brands? Should I just tag things with general labels? I don't know!)

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