Monday, January 14, 2013


Hello! Hmm, I'm still trying to figure out how to open these posts. I'll get it figured out soon

Anyways! I...bought some more things last night. You know, I get the feeling this blog is going to make me seem like I'm buying things all the time. Which I am, I suppose, it just feels weird to see it all recorded and cataloged.

Since I didn't buy the Innocent World lucky pack, I have a little more wiggle room financially this month. I decided to get some things I had put on the back-burner (Like the magazines I ordered yesterday. I had some fashion news to catch up on! Well, not that I can actually read it. I really like how much more visually concentrated Japanese magazines are. I'm a huge fan of complexity. When I was little, I loved looking at I Spy books just for how complex and detailed the photos were. I think it stems from my love of exploring; especially houses.). I bought a couple things to add to my collections! Currently, I'm collecting Monster High dolls, My Little Ponies, and Pokemon cards.

I also really love blind bags! It's my little way of gambling, I guess. I think it's what draws me to things like lucky packs and Pokemon cards - not knowing what you're going to get.
So, obviously, the first things I got were a pack of Pokemon cards (from the Boundaries Crossed expansion) which I sadly forgot to photograph, and a crystal My Little Pony blind bag!
And I got Crimson Gala! I thought it was Pinkie Pie at first, but I'm glad it wasn't (I already own the crystal Pinkie Pie, as well as the metallic and two of the regular ones...she's also my least favorite pony). These crystal ponies are pretty neat, but they're my least favorite of the MLP blind bag series. There's a new one out that I saw at my local comic book shop, but they were all sold out. The new series is back to regular paint jobs, and you can get the princesses! I also have the terrible luck to always somehow get Rainbow Dash. I have four Rainbow Dashes and, while she's an okay pony, I don't really want 4 of her.

To continue with the pony-theme, I got the Target exclusive "Crystal Princess Ponies Collection"
Uh, it's a little blurry. My camera's not too good in artificial light. I really like the princess ponies, and I was very excited to get Princess Cadence! She's the main reason why I got this set. There was actually a set that had Rarity and Princess Celestia where Celestia was white, which I would have liked to get, but I already own Rarity. Princess Luna was in a set with....I think it was Pinkie Pie, but I already own a Pinkie Pie as well. While it is show inaccurate, and done for a silly reason, I don't really mind pink Princess Celestia. I do hope to be able to get a white Celestia though if they ever package her on her own. I do already own a Princess Luna and Princess Celestia, but my Luna is the same size and proportion as the other ponies (she was also called "Derp Luna" because her eyes are painted in a way that makes her look like she's looking in two different directions.) and my Celestia is smaller and has plastic hair.

The other item I got was Jinafire Long from the Monster High Scaris line.
Here she is! She's blurry, too. I actually debated whether or not I was going to buy her. I have at least one version of all the other MH characters (except for the boys. I only have Deuce because he came with Cleo. I don't know why, I just never bought any of the boys) so it felt weird to not get her, but I didn't really like her design. It feels so...uninspired compared to some of the other dolls. Granted, nothing can compete with how amazing Skelita is (I was lucky enough to get her on sale at a Justice before Christmas). Hmm, I should really get a picture of my MH and MLP collections. One thing that's kind of weird about Jinafire is that I've heard she actually has larger breasts than the other dolls (not including Nefara). I tried to compare (out of curiosity), but while she's in the box I couldn't tell. I don't doubt Mattel would do something like that, though, at least in the MH line.

Well, that about wraps it up for now! I'm debating whether or not to use this blog to write about general life things as well. Admittedly, nothing too interesting happens to me, and with it being so cold outside, I haven't been getting out much. This is only my third post, though, so there's time to get all the kinks out.

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