Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box - Unboxing and First Impressions!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great last weekend before Christmas! I love this time of year, even if it can get pretty crazy out in the wild (and by the wild, I mean at the mall). Everything just seems so sparkly and bright and full of potential, and it can be very uplifting!

This post is, as the title subtly hints at, going to be about my December 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box. Blush started shipping these super early in the month, so I've had this for a while now and have been able to try out some of the products. This months box is soooo much better than last months. I was worried that Blush was slipping and going the way of Glossybox (which I do not regret at all cancelling; I've been watching unboxing videos on Youtube and don't think that it's worth the $21 a month when you could get something like this box for just a few dollars more), but they brought things back around!

Blush Mystery Beauty boxes are $24.95 a month if you subscribe, or you can get a one-time box for $34.95 (it's worth it to subscribe) and they have $100+ worth of products (this month they went back to saying it was a $100+ value, instead of a more concrete number like they did last month. I prefer the vague "$100+ value" over any actual number since, as long as it's over $100 I'm happy. If they promise a certain value and then don't meet it, like last month, that really irritates me).

I'm sure you're just itching to see what was in this months box that has me so pleased, so without further ado, let's get started!
Extra big box this month means it's even more exciting!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Another Holiday Haul! - Sephora Black Friday, Ulta, and Kohls

Hello! So, I like buying things. But who doesn't? And I bought more things! Well, these things were bought pretty far in the past now; these are things I picked up Black Friday and the following week or so (the details are a little fuzzy now; I've been buying so much for Christmas and all that, it's hard to keep track of when I bought things). This isn't everything I got; I didn't want to show off any Christmas presents since my family is very keen on keeping Christmas gifts a secret and I don't want to ruin anyone's surprise (this is most likely why I'm such a sucker for mystery boxes).

For Black Friday, I didn't really want to leave my house, so lucky for me there were a lot of great deals online! I actually did go to Target on "Black Friday" (it was like 11pm on Thanksgiving) since we live so close, but I just bought toilet paper. Yup, on Black Friday. Last year I bought ketchup and some Pokemon cards. I find it amusing. Anyways! So, yes, I took advantage of stores offering their Black Friday deals online, one of those being Sephora! I was lucky and got most of what I wanted, but I missed on the Philosophy face cleanser for $10. I guess the Black Friday deals went up 11:00pm my time (CST) so I missed them at first. I thought Sephora might do it like that (so they went up at it Eastern time? I don;t actually know. I could probably Google it but meh), but when I refreshed the page at 11:00pm, I didn't see the Black Friday deals anywhere (there's usually a big banner you click on). It wasn't until about 11:30pm that it finally popped up for me, and by then all the Philosophy face cleanser were gone. Sad times.

I also got some things from physical stores; I went the Saturday morning after Black Friday and it was so nice; the stores were pretty dead but all the Black Friday (well, most of them) were still going on. I never had to wait in line very long and there weren't really any people. The mall did start to fill up around lunchtime, but by then I was already on my way home. I did make one more stop during the week after Black Friday, since I had some coupons that didn't go into effect until December 5th (I think in one of my videos, I talk about waiting for a bus that never came in 5°F weather and my dedication to shopping. It's sad).

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 2013 Julep Maven Box - Bombshell Plus an Add-On - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a good weekend! It is very cold here (with windchill it's been below 0°F) so I've been stuck at home. It's also really icy out, which makes going by car treacherous. Luckily, my husband is a very good driver and doesn't panic easily so we haven't gotten into any accidents or anything, but there have been some scary moments (we dropped off some books at the library yesterday and on the way out, the car started sliding and we almost hit a snowbank. Yay). I have a touch of cabin fever, but I might go to Target or something just to go out and do something.

Speaking of Target (and I promise this will be the last aside before I get to my December 2013 Julep Maven box), in the men's section, they have this advertisement/signage thing that has the best Christmas sweater ever. It has a cat on it and the cat is wearing a dollar sign gold necklace with a word balloon that says "Meow-y" and then underneath the cat it says "Christmas", using the dollar sign necklace as the middle "S". Seriously, it is the best sweater ever and I need it and it's not there. My husband even went to a different Target to look for it and it wasn't there, either. He asked an employee who said they have gotten a lot of people asking about it, but they've never had it in the store so he didn't know if they were even selling it or not. There's a pair of socks with the same design so I really hope they do make it and will get it in stock soon so I can wear it for Christmas.

Seriously, I'm going to talk about my December 2013 Julep Maven Bombshell box now...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sylveon Collection Pokemon TCG Boxset Opening!

Hello! This is going to be one of my (now) rare non-makeup posts! I really should make more of these; I feel like sometimes my blog is just a recap of my videos and it doesn't ever provide any additional content. And who wants to read that? No one, that's who! I'm not sure if I want to make this blog more personal and start talking about my everyday life along with my various makeup and "Look what I bought!" posts. In the beginning, before I was as into makeup as I am now (and before I made videos), I feel like there was a lot more variety in the things I talked about. Maybe I'll and get back to that, though I never was very good at keeping up a journal/diary.

This post is going to be about the special Sylveon Collection boxset form the Pokemon Trading Card Game! I got this boxset before it was even supposed to be on shelves; I first saw it in Toys R Us and even though it was $25 (when I buy these box sets, I don't like paying more than I would for individual packs of cards so this is a little on pricey side) I had to have it. When I went to check out, the cashier had to call a manager over since the computer wouldn't let me buy it. He said he couldn't sell it to me before the street date, and that was fine, but for some reason, even though I told him it was okay, he kept explaining to me why he couldn't sell it to me. I had to tell him it was okay three or four times before he stopped trying to explain. I used to work retail, so I know how awful people can be, so he was probably used to people getting really angry and not understanding. He was also dealing with some shoplifters at the same time, so he wasn't having the best time (there was a couple that were apparently being watched and they got SUPER angry about it and started swearing and yelling and just making a scene. It's like...if you weren't doing anything wrong, why get so angry that people were watching you? Nothing is more obvious than getting that mad). I was pretty sad I couldn't get the set, but luckily, another store my husband and I went to that night had them in stock! And were willing to sell it to me! For only $20!


More Holiday Hauling! - Sephora/LUSH/Sigma/bh Cosmestics!

Hello! I bought more things! And I want to show you guys the things I bought! These haul posts are going to be pretty common this time of year; there are so many good deals out there that it's kind of hard to not buy anything. And yes, I know that's kind of sad, but what can you do?

This time around, I bought some things in actual stores, I got some things from bh Cosmetics, and I ordered some stuff from Sephora! ...I don't know why I was ever worried about making VIB Rouge or not. It's nice to have free shipping on everything, though. Otherwise this order probably would have never happened, so there's that. I'm hoping this doesn't get too long, but I have a lot more pictures than I thought I did, so we'll see.

Even though I started with the stuff I bought in-store in the video, I'm actually going to start with my Sephora order because it came in a box and I have a picture of the box and for some weird reason I like to use "full order in the box" pictures before my jump cuts. Don't judge me.
That's a nice, full box there! Actually, it's not all that full...

Winter 2013 Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box - The Nightmare Before Christmas! - Unboxing and First Impressions

Hello! ...I know I shouldn't even say it, I shouldn't draw attention to it. I know this is how I start 80% of my blog posts now...I just don't know why I can't do these in a timely manner! Making videos should be harder than just typing things out but for some reason I get them filmed and uploaded so much faster. But I won't talk about it anymore and we can all pretend that this is all happening efficiently and promptly. Besides, now that everything's up for sale on Fortune Cookie Soap's website, you don't have to wait to buy any of these products (if I posted this as soon as I got, you'd have to wait about a week and a half)!

Yes, this is all about the Winter 2013 Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box! This time, it was The Nightmare Before Christmas themed! This was a very popular box and it sold out quite fast. Not sure if FCS is going to open subscriptions for the spring box, but I assume that a lot of people subscribed only for this box and that they'll unsubscribe before the next box (or that they already have). A quick refresher on what the FCS Soap Box is: it is a quarterly box that's $20 (shipping included) that showcases the new scents FCS has come up with for the season. You also get a special code to get $10 off any order from FCS, so the box technically only costs $10. Most things are deluxe sample sized, though you do get a full sized fortune cookie soap (FCS's namesake) and some other full sized things like maybe an OCD hand sanitizer. This is my third FCS Soap Box and I absolutely love them, so if you're interested, I highly recommend subscribing to it if you're able to.

Without further ado, let's get into this seasons box!
It's both Halloweeny and Christmasy!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sephora VIB Sale Fall/Winter 2013 Haul!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great weekend! I'm super pumped for next week since I only have to work for three days, then get a four day weekend! I definitely need the extra days off; I've been having a hard time lately with stress and what-not, and I feel like a long, semi-relaxing break will do me some good. Minus Thanksgiving because that's probably going to turn out to be quite drama-filled and is one of the things that's stressing me out so we'll stop talking about that for now.

Anyhow! Sephora! VIB! Sale! Yes! Every year (at least, every year I've been a VIB), Sephora has had a special 20% "Friends and Family" type of sale during the fall/around the holidays (I'm trying to remember when the last one was...I think there was snow on the ground and it was cold, but I also may be thinking of another VIB special that was during the spring. It's cold and snowy here from late fall-late spring...). This year, only VIB and VIB Rouge members were given the 20% off coupons (I think this is different from last year because I saw a few comments on Facebook from people who were upset that it was only for VIBs this year, but I don't know for sure since I've been a VIB for a long time now) with another one-time use coupon they could give to a family member or a friend (the 20% coupon for the VIB was reusable during the sale from Nov. 7th-Nov. 11th). These 20% off coupons are a big since it's 20% off everything (I'm sure there's some exceptions, but they are few and far between) and a lot of the makeup at Sephora is high-end and rarely ever on sale. Before the sale, I was about $140 away from hitting VIB Rouge, and, since I'm pretty sure I'll never get that close to it again (you have to spend $1000 in a calendar year...I really hope I never do that again...) I really wanted to use this sale as a way to maximize my spending power and push through.

I can happily say that I am now a VIB Rouge with all perks due to such a prestigious title (in all honesty though I'm kind of embarrassed...that's about $100 a month on beauty products. From one store...).
I made an order on and I bought even more in the store!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 2013 Ipsy Bag - Unboxing (Unbagging?) and Review!

Hello! I'm super excited to show you guys my newest subscription: the Ipsy bag!  I put off getting an Ipsy subscription for a long time now... Glam Bag/Ipsy was one of the first subscription services I heard about (the very first being Birchbox) but at the time, I wasn't as interested in makeup as I am now. It seemed like it was a hit-or-miss type of subscription; some bags were really good, others were pretty awful. I also wasn't very interested in drugstore/mid-range makeup; when I first started getting into makeup I was solely interested in high-end brands (backwards, I know). As I've gotten to know the world of makeup better and have tried many different products from many different brands, I've become much more interested in trying things from both drugstore and high-end brands (I still prefer high-end, but I now know there are a lot of products in the drugstore now that are similar, if not better, than some high-end products).

I've been watching Ipsy unboxing/unbagging videos for a while now (I think one of my favorite types of videos on Youtube are subscription box unboxings, followed by favorites and empties videos) and have been really impressed with the type and value of the products included. I also really love the makeup bags you get each month! For $10 a month, shipping included (always a bonus), I didn't really have an excuse to not subscribe. I actually signed up in the beginning of October, but since I missed the payment window for the October bag (it looks like Ipsy charges on the 1st of the month and starts ship near the middle), I was wait-listed until November.

I was super excited to get my first Ipsy bag, and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait!
The Pink Bubble Mailer!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sephora Haul - Make Up For Ever, Urban Decay, Holly Jolly Sampler Pack - Plus Kohls and BBW!

Hello! The holiday shopping season is now upon us (it's been here for a while now, but you know how I am with posting in a timely manner...) which means it's also the season of HAULS! Lots and lots of hauls! I love watching haul videos/reading haul blogs and I want to share mine with you guys as well. This is one of the first(ish) of probably many hauls this season, and I'm excited to jump right on in!
Come see what's inside!

November 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! You may notice that I have a new header on my blog! I really want to make my blog more aesthetically pleasing but sadly haven't had the time to work on some new graphics. The new header is actually from my etsy shop (which explains the more crafty spin on it) so it's not a 100% match, but it will do for now (plus it looks way better than just having a title up there). If I get some time off for the holidays (I get Christmas Day off for sure, but we have an incentive right now where we can earn the 24th and 23rd off, too, which would be awesome) I'll make one just for this blog!

And now onto the meat and potatoes of this post, my November 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box. I was really excited for this month's box; Blush hyped it up, saying it would have $250 worth of products, the most they've ever had. Overall, I've been pleased with my monthly mystery boxes from Blush, so at $250 sounded like it could be amazing. Unfortunately, it fell a little flat and it seems like a lot of people are pretty upset about it (if you go by the reviews of the box on November's box was a mixed bag for me.
There are some products I'm excited to try, and there are others that I'm really disappointed with.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sephora Inside JCP Exclusive - Lip Service Lip Sampler - Review!

Hello! It's been such a dreary day today; I was hoping to get some videos filmed (I. Have. So. Much. Stuff. And I want to show everyone!) but with the poor lighting, I thought maybe I'd catch up on some blog posts instead! I really do need to invest in some kind of extra lighting. I was thinking about getting one of those ring light mirrors from Target, but I'm not sure if they would work with my set-up (if you don't watch my videos, I film on my carpet and only show my hands; I think the ring-light-mirror only really works when it's your actual face being filmed). I might have to move things from my carpet to my desk or something, but that would mean I'd have to rearrange some of our big floor lamps. Or, you know, I could just start actually filming myself, but that highly unlikely.

But that's not what this post is about and I'm sure that's not what you were expecting to read about when you clicked here! What I actually want to talk about in this post is my Spehora Inside JCP exclusive Lip Service Lip Sampler! If you've been on Sephora's website or to an actual store, you'll probably have seen the "Sephora Favorites" sampler sets. They release them every year around the holidays, and they usually have a mascara one, an eyeliner one, an expensive one with a bunch of different types (it's called the "Superstars" set this year), a fragrance one (there are like four of these this's weird), a special glitzy party look one, and two lip product ones (one's smaller than the other, by a lot). These sets are really nice to get if you're interested in trying out a lot of different products at once, or if you want travel sizes of some favorites. Most of the products in these kits are "deluxe sample" or "travel size", but you do get full sizes as well. This year, the favorite, and most often sold out set, seems to be the big "Give Me Some More Lip" set which retails for $59, has 16 products, and is worth $209 (compared with the smaller "Give Me Some Lip" set which is $25, has 6 products, and is worth $90).

I have found a somewhat secret, third lip sampler set - the Lip Service set! It's a little more expensive than the Give Me Some Lip set at $28 for 6 products (it also seems to be worth a little less, too, valued at $83), but what really drew my attention to it was that, unlike the Give Me Some Lip, it included samples that are in the Give Me Some More Lip set. The best way to describe it is a smaller version of the More Lip set, which is totally awesome!
Such a pretty box!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 2013 Julep Maven Subscription Box - Modern Beauty and Add-Ons - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're all enjoying November! I can't believe we're already half-way through; Thanksgiving is in two weeks and Christmas is only a month and a half away! ...I actually started Christmas shopping, but that's mostly because I was in the mood to wrap presents. I refuse to put the tree up until after Thanksgiving, though!

This month, Julep released their "Right At Home" collection; a selection of nail polish colors that can only be described as "comfy" and "cozy" (which I will be saying. A lot.). Julep also launched a new line of lip glosses and a new lip primer/plumper. This was another month where I had a bit of a difficult time picking which Maven box I wanted; a lot of the colors didn't really appeal to me (which isn't to say they aren't pretty, they're just not for me). I ended up going with the Modern Beauty box, the one that doesn't come with any polish! Weird, I know.
Because I can't seem to buy just my Maven box, I also added on two of the new polish colors.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Odds and Ends - Baking, Crafting, and Assorted Fall-ish Things!

Hello! I thought it would be kind of nice to take a break from posting beauty things and to take some time to talk about my other interests and the things I have been doing with (because of?) them! You can only talk about makeup/skin care/hair care for only so long before it all starts to run together.

As you may, or may not, depending on how far back you go in my blog, know, I'm big into crafting and baking; specifically crochet and cookies, respectively. I find crocheting to be very relaxing, and it's a great way to sit and watch Youtube videos while still feeling productive! Baking, too, is oddly soothing for me. Something about it being like edible chemistry really appeals to me, and having cookies to eat at the end doesn't hurt, either!

I also wanted to show you guys a few purchases I've made throughout the fall that don't really fit with anything else, but that don't warrant their own posts. So, without further ado, let's see what I've been busy making/baking/buying!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

October 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review!

I made a promise to myself that I would get this posted while it was still October, thus making it still relevant. If you look at the date of this post, you'll see that it is, in fact, Nov. 2nd and I unfortunately didn't meet my goal. However, as long as I get this up before the November 2013 Beauty Box ships, I'll be happy! I was charged for it on the 1st, so I'm assuming it's going to ship out sometime next week, therefore, I'm pretty confident that I'll get this up in time. On a side note, it's NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)! This month, a lot of people will be trying to knock out an entire 50,000 word novel! In a month. I've tried the last couple years, but I kind of give up, so to speak, about halfway through. Not sure if it's a problem of motivation or lack of writing ability or what, but I'm not sure I'm cut out to write a novel in one month. We'll see if I try this year; I know it's already two days in and I haven't started, so I better decide soon!

But that's not why you're reading this post! You're reading it to see what kind of goodies I got in my October 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 2013 Julep Maven Box - It Girl - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! I...I have no idea why it's taken me this long to post this. I got this early October (I've actually forgotten exactly when) and now it's the 31st and my November Maven box will be here tomorrow. Sometimes I feel like I actively avoid posting on here and I have no idea why. I think part of it is that I don't feel like I have the production values I want (I don't have the best pictures or that nice of a layout...well, any real layout for that matter) and sometimes I wonder if it's even worth keeping up my blog if I'm not going to put any time into it to make it look presentable. I feel like I've been neglecting a lot of areas in my life lately, and I think it's because of my job. It's not particularly hard or demanding or anything, but 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with early mornings is surprisingly draining for me. I definitely suffering from that "twenty-something" syndrome; people of my generation are now supposed to be adults and do adult things like have careers and houses and families, but we just can't seem to get the hang of being grown-ups. It's weird and sort of depressing, but at least I'm not alone., on that semi-depressing note, let's get to my box!
Yay, candy corn!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Julep September 2013 Cosmic Mystery Box - Opening and Review!

Hello! Ugh, I have so many boxes of make up and nail polish and skin care and hair care and just random stuff crowding my desk now...I haven't been taking the change in seasons too well (especially now that's finally getting cold and rainy and, well, fall-y) and it's made me into a Super Procrastinator! Not sure what it is, but I don't seem to have much trouble filming videos in a timely manner (as long as the lighting outside cooperates) but blogging? It seems like a struggle to even open the page. I hoping that since a lot of what I have to get through are nail polish boxes, they'll go by pretty quickly. These posts might end up a little more terse than my others, but honestly, it might be good to learn to scale back what I say.

That being said, let's get to what this post is all about: my Cosmic Mystery Box from Julep! I keep telling myself that I'm not going to get anymore mystery boxes from Julep because I have waaaaaay too many of their polishes already and the likelihood of me getting doubles of something is very high. If I just stick to getting my Maven box every month, I'm at least guaranteed to get all new things. I ended up picking up a September 2013 mystery box because the exclusive, featured polish, Estelle, was too pretty to pass up! This month Julep had three different options for mystery boxes: a $19.99 box that didn't include Estelle, a $24.99 box that did, and a $39.99 box that also had Estelle.
Since getting Estelle was really my only reason for wanting a box, I went with the $24.99 box.

Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2013 Haul!

Hello! It feels like Fall just got here and now it seems like it's almost over with (it's snowing off and on today. Well, snow-raining or "snaining"). ...It doesn't help that I ordered and got these items in September and it's now over halfway through October, but let's not talk about that. I may be slow at blogging, but I'm pretty quick at getting videos up...

After I got my Fall 2013 Fortune Cookie Soap Box (technically it's the Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box, but that looks funny), I knew there were some scents that I wanted to try in the form of their body butter (I find that the body butters have the best "form" of the scents, if that makes sense. Also I just really like their body butters), so I waited patiently until they updated their store. FCS had a little Facebook launch party on Sept. 21st and updated the store that evening.  I hung around, hoping to get some of the special sale items they had, but I ended up getting distracted and missed the update by about a half an hour. All the special priced items were sold out, unfortunately, but I was able to buy all the regular priced items that I wanted. I was a little sad that I missed out on the special sale items because they had two new fall scents that sounded delicious; "Cram Your Face In My Sweet Pumpkin Pie" which is pumpkin and coconut, and "Roast My Marshmallow" which is roasted marshmallows. I do kind of wished I had waited until they came back in stock at regular price to place my order, but I feel like "I Yam What I Yam" already combines the best parts of those two scents and that I'm not really missing out.
Come see what I spent my money on!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

September 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box - Opening and Review!

Hello! This post is going to be all about my September 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box (or comes in a bag in a box so it could be either)! ...Yeah, I know it's October (and even the 8th already!) and that I actually just got my October 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box/Bag today but I just haven't been feeling eloquent enough to blog lately. I think it's the change in seasons; it's finally starting to feel like fall (and I even got my first cold...yay...).
But enough about that! Want to see what I got in my September Box? Then click below!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Small Zoya/Ulta Haul - Nail Polish and Dry Shampoo!

Hello! As you may or may not know (depending on if you read my blog/watch my videos or not), I've been trying to branch out and try different brands of nail polish. I'm still a big fan of Julep, but at this point I'm nearing 60 different colors of their polishes (I technically have more, but they're duplicates so I don't count them) and...that seems like too much from one brand, even if it is a really good brand. One brand I recently tried for the first time was Zoya and boy did I fall in love!

When I bought my first two Zoya polishes, Hazel and Faye, I had kind of a hard time settling on which colors to get. I originally wanted to just pick up Neely, a beautiful mint green that a lot of people raved about on Youtube (admittedly, I think more people talked about essie's Mint Candy Apple). When I went to Ulta (which is the only place that I know of for sure that carries Zoya polishes. If you know of other places, please let me know!), my attention was immediately grabbed by Hazel. I figured I could swing getting two polishes instead of one because, conveniently, Zoya polishes are very reasonably priced. They're generally $8 for a normal polish and $9 for a Pixie Dust polish. I was going to get Neely and Hazel, but then looked at the main line of colors (Neely and Hazel are spring/summer polishes) and fell in love with Faye. After a short mental struggle, I went home with Hazel and Faye, but I kept thinking about Neely. After over a week had passed and I was still thinking about Neely, I knew I had to go back and get it.

And so I did! I waited until Ulta mailed me one of their $3.50 off a $10 purchase coupon and I'm glad I did! They ended up having a special where, if you bought three Zoya polishes, you would get a special Zoya nail care set that was worth $22 for free.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2013 Soap Box - Unboxing and Review/First Impressions!

Hello! This post has been such a long time in coming, and I'm sorry I didn't get this up sooner! This post has been sitting in my queue as just a title for a ridiculously long time and I really have no idea why since I was so excited to finally get my...FORTUNE COOKIE SOAP FALL SOAP BOX!

Yes, I was that excited! I've only gotten one other Soap Box, FCS's Summer Box, but I loved it so much that I was super pumped for the fall box! Even though I really don't like the Fall season much as a whole, I adore the scents (and candy and food and holidays...), which is what this box is all about! And who better to come up with some awesome, unique fall scents than Fortune Cookie Soap? Also the $10 off a purchase coupon is pretty neat, too.
Want to see (and pretend to smell) what I got in my box? Then click "read more" below!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Trip to Seattle, WA And the Adventure That Was Had - PAX PRIME 2013!

Hello! This is going to be more of a life post than anything else, since I want to kind of do a summary of my and my husband's trip to Seattle, WA for PAX Prime 2013!

My husband and I went to PAX Prime last year. We stayed in Portland, OR with one of our friends for a few days, then drove to Seattle, WA for the convention. We had so much fun that we decided to try to go again this year. Unfortunately, our friends weren't able to attend so we had to go it alone. Last year, my husband was able to snag badges for Friday and Saturday. He was pretty lucky since they sold out ridiculously fast and we figured we'd be happy with just the two days since Sunday was the last day of the convention and was a short day anyways. This year, they extended PAX to four days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (which was also Labor Day). Again, my husband was only able to get badges for two days, Saturday and Sunday, and while it would have been fun to go for another day, I think the two days were enough. Unless there's something specific that you really want to do, and would have to stand in line forever for, I think two days is more than enough time to get to about 90% of what you want to. As always, there were people buying and selling badges outside of the convention center. I think scalping is pretty awful (I had a friend who would help his friend scalp tickets for concerts in order to make money and it really made me lose respect for him) so I found them pretty irritating.

Since we only had tickets for Saturday and Sunday, we decided to fly in on Friday, get settled in our hotel, and maybe do a trial run of Seattle's light rail system. We would go to the convention on Saturday and Sunday, and then, since it was cheaper to fly home on Tuesday (even after paying for an extra night at the hotel. We had a very cheap hotel...more on that later) we would just wander around Seattle on Labor Day.

September 2013 Julep Maven Box - Classic With a Twist Plus Add-Ons - Unboxing and Review

Hello! This post is going to be about my September 2013 Julep Maven box!

This month, Julep released their Fall-appropriate "Cityscape Collection". I'm not the biggest fan of Fall colors since I don't like the darker, more jewel-toned shades that seem to come out around this time of year, so this was probably the least interesting collection Julep's released since I became a Maven (which doesn't mean it's a bad collection! I just don't like it). Even though I'm considered a "Boho Glam" girl, I ended up going with the "Classic With a Twist" box this month which is a rarity for me. As the name implies, "Classic With a Twist" tends to have, well, the more classic colors like reds and pinks and it tends to include only creme colors.
I usually go for the "Boho Glam" or "Bombshell" boxes, but the colors in them didn't appeal me to this month (well, one did in the "Bombshell" box, but I got that as an add-on, which you will see!).

Thursday, September 12, 2013

August 2013 Glossybox - Unboxing and Review - My Last Glossybox!

Hello! This post is going to be all about my final Glossybox, the August 2013 box. I unsubscribed from Glossybox because it just didn't feel worth it to me anymore and I think I've found a better subscription service for around the same price. When I started Glossybox way back in March, I was super excited; $21 for a box that had five deluxe and/or full-sized high end products sounded right up my alley. The first box I got was amazing and it made me really excited about Glossybox in general. As I got more boxes, I just got more and more disappointed in the products included in them. My boxes have always been worth more than the $21 I paid for them, so I'm technically always getting my moneys worth, but the products didn't feel worth the $21 to me personally, if that makes sense. There are products I couldn't use (including a foundation that was in the darkest shade possible, even though my skin tone is listed as "fair" in my beauty profile), products that weren't high-end (the perfume and face wipes from Nicka K New York), and just overall not good products (like the mini Nails Inc nail polish).

I really like the idea behind Glossybox, a box of selected high-end samples from companies both well known and those you've never heard of, and I liked that Glossybox seemed to have a great international presence (seriously, there are a ton of Glossyboxes in different countries. Glossybox has been around for a while, but they only recently came to the U.S). I just feel like Glossybox U.S. could have done so much more and could have been so much more, but it just fell flat for me.

This final box really cinched my decision to unsubscribe (I wanted to wait until I got my final box before I unsubscribed just to make sure my final box arrived safe and sound), but I do feel like my negative opinion of it is influenced by my overall negative opinion of Glossybox, so take what I say with a grain of salt!
Let's see what's inside...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Indie Nail Polishes - I Love Nail Polish and Rainbow Honey (Plus Some Not So Indie!)

Hello! In this post I wanted to talk a little bit about indie nail polishes! And by a little, I hope to keep it at a medium amount; I made a video about indie polishes and the two brands I have purchased from, Rainbow Honey and ILNP and it ended up a little on the long side... I also wanted to talk a little bit about some other brands of nail polish I have recently purchased. Lately, I feel like I've been in a "Julep rut" and now have 50+ Julep polishes...
...which may be too many Julep polishes. Julep is a great brand and they do have nice polish, but I want to explore other brands and see what they have to offer. I'm going to stay a Maven, though I may start skipping boxes if the colors don't appeal to me (which admittedly hasn't really happened yet, though I wasn't too excited for the September collection. But I tend to not like any fall collections, so that's more me-based dislike than anything).

Recently, I've started looking into indie nail polish brands, the first one being I Love Nail Polish (which I will call "ILNP" because I am lazy). I saw a video on Youtube of a small haul from them, and found the idea of indie nail polish intriguing. I feel like indie nail polishes can really cater to niche markets and make colors/finishes that may not be considered "safe" by larger, mass-producing companies. Case in point, the videogame inspired polishes by Rainbow Honey and the Mighty Boosh inspired polish by ILNP; neither of which would likely ever be made by a large company (though copyright issues may also be a barrier to that as well). You can find quite a lot of indie nail polish online, especially if you check out and just search for "nail polish". There was one other brand I wanted to try, Black Luna Lacquer, but you can only pay using PayPal and I'm not a big fan of Paypal (I have an account and I use it because I have to, but, I don't know, I just prefer using my credit card directly). I still may purchase from them since they do have some very interesting colors, I just have to deal with using Paypal.

This may get kind of long, but at least there are a lot of pictures!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

Hello! Guess who's super behind on her blog posts again? If you guessed me, you'd be right! I just got back from Seattle, WA and have a lot of things to catch up on (seriously, I have like...four videos to make and five blog posts and just...ugh). Since I'm only working two days this week, I'm hoping I can get everything I want to recorded, typed, photographed, and uploaded by the end of the weekend. Hoping. My husband and I are still surprisingly tired from our trip. We're not sure if it's jet lag or if we just over-exerted ourselves or what, but I'm just super happy I decided to take an extra day off from work to recover.

But that's not why you're here (though I will be making a post/video about our trip to Seattle/PAX); you're here to check out what I got in my August 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box! This is my very first Blush Mystery Beauty Box and, so far, I am very happy I subscribed. I'm actually a little sad I missed July's box because it had a full sized Deborah Lippmann nail polish in it, which would have been awesome to get. This subscription service is going to replace my Glossybox subscription. I got my final box, the August 2013, and once again it was underwhelming. I just don't feel like I'm getting back what I pay for with Glossybox. My first box was amazing, but pretty much everything after that has been disappointing. I'm going to make a post/video about my final Glossybox this weekend as well.

If you don't know what the Blush Mystery Beauty Box is, it's a mystery box that you can either subscribe to for $24.95 a month OR you can buy just one box for $34.95, shipping included for both. Since it's guaranteed to have at least $100 worth of products in it, either way you get your money's worth. I opted to subscribe since I watched a few unboxings on Youtube and really liked what I saw. If you're interested in checking it out and learning more, you can go to, which is part of the beauty trio that includes and I'm not sure why they have three different sites since you can go to any of them and search for products from any of the other sites (if that makes sense) AND they all share the same checkout, but they do. I was initially interested in signed up for the subscription service used to offer called Beautyfix, but they discontinued the service.
Here we go!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 2013 Julep Mystery Golden Box and Picnic Box - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! This post is going to be a two-for-one! In August, I ended up getting TWO Julep Mystery boxes; a Golden Box from the Secret Store and the Picnic Mystery box with the special color, Evie. I wasn't going to buy the Picnic box since A. I have waaaaay too much nail polish from Julep (I really want to branch out and start trying other brands. Incidentally, I purchased some polish from a couple indie brands, so when they come I'll definitely be making a post about them!) and B. I need to save my money for our PAX/Seattle trip at the end of this month. I ended up caving in and buying the box because I had a terrible week, thought Evie was a super cute color, and had a little extra spending cash from some things I sold at my parents' garage sale.
Come see what I got!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Itty Bitty Sephora Haul

Hello! I always feel bad calling these little purchases hauls, but I feel like that's become the common way to refer to any kind of purchase you share on a blog/vlog, regardless of size. I've seen "haul" videos where people only get a bunch free samples. I've also seen hauls that probably total $1000+, but those are mostly from professional artists who go crazy at MAC. Is there a "legal" definition of the word "haul"? Is it how much you buy? How much you spend? You could get 20 items from ELF for less than $30 and call it a haul, but what if you bought a $400 hair removal device? Is that still a haul? Does it even matter? Probably not.

Now that I've gone on a weird tangent about hauls, let's get to the meat of this post: my recent, teeny little haul from Sephora! Almost every time I go into Sephora I end up buying something, even if I don't need anything. It's a sickness. I usually don't go too crazy (though there have been times where I just say "screw it" and grab the things that catch my eye), and so my purchases are one, maybe two items. I don't feel like these really warrant a video (it would be like 2 minutes long and wouldn't be informative at all), but I still like to share my thoughts and experiences with the products I try. I could do a collective video (and I'm going to start trying to do monthly "hits and misses"; I have a nail polish one in the works!), but by the time I build up enough stuff, I start forgetting details.

On my most recent trip into Sephora, I bought some pretty random things...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Glossybox July 2013 - Unboxing and First Impressions

Hello! Goodness, it's been a while! I'm even starting to fall behind on my videos (which I usually get up pretty quickly since I can't wait to use things). I've been dealing with some health things which have been slowing me down, but that's not what I'm here to talk about (nor likely what you're here to read about). This post is going to be all about my July 2013 Glossybox and my thoughts on the items inside.
Let's see what's inside...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Random Hauls - Comics, Blind Bags, Candy, and More!

Hello! I've been noticing that my collection of "things I want to show you and talk about but which don't really warrant their own post" has been getting a little out of hand, so I figured I'd do a fairly large, random post to showcase them all! It really is an eclectic bunch, ranging from comic books to toys to clothes and even includes a small Sephora haul. Since this is already going to be long and super jumpy (I'm not very good at transitional sentences that don't sound contrived and silly), let's get to it!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 2013 Julep Maven Box - Boho Glam - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! It's that time of the month again where I have a whole bunch to post about! It seems my Glossybox and Julep box always come within a few days of each other, and then the Secret Shop opens and since I don't get these up right away...well, I end up with a big pile of things to post!

This post is going to be all about my August 2013 Julep Maven box! The theme for this month was "Garden Party" and the new product is the Doublestep Foot Treatment and Friction Stick. I went with my original style, "Boho Glam", this month since it was the one that had the best colors, in my opinion. It's also the two year anniversary of the Julep Maven program, so Julep did some special things to celebrate, including releasing a new trio of polishes called the "Champagne Trio", which I added-on to my box.
Pretty, special box! Let's see what's inside...

Sunday, August 4, 2013 July 2013 Haul - Opening and Review!

Hello! It seems like all my posts have "Opening and Review" in the title nowadays! I feel like I need to branch out and focus on some other things besides on the stuff I buy. I was thinking about doing an "Empties" video and blog post, but I never really seem to accumulate that many empty products. Since I love trying new things, I'm always switching up the products I use and generally give my mom and sister anything I didn't use much of (or at all). I was also thinking of doing a "Hit or Miss" type of video/post, which would be more doable since I do try out so many new things, so be on the lookout for that!

Onto what this post is all about: my most recent order from!
This order isn't too terribly large (technically, I only bought three things), but I did get my birthday gift, two 100-point reward items, and the special VIB SkinIQ sampler bag, so there's a lot to it!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap Haul and Review - Sampler Sets!

Hello! This post is going to be all about my very first order (technically second since I got a Fortune Cookie Soap Box, but this is my first "real" order) from Fortune Cookie Soap!

This post has been a long time in the making, and I want to start out by explaining why. For my first order from Fortune Cookie Soap, I wanted to get their sampler sets since I wanted to try out their different scents, not necessarily their different products. I was able to try out most of the different types of products they offer through my Soap Box, so I already knew which products I liked or didn't like. I also had the $10 off coupon from my Soap Box, which was very helpful. I ended up ordering a Mini Mist Me Sampler Pack, a Whipped Cream Body Butter Sampler Pack, a Soap Bar Sample Pack, and a Cupcake Lip Balm (because why not). After $8.79 for shipping (which seems a little high to me, but that's a whole other topic) and minus the $10 off, my total came to $34.21. Since Fortune Cookie Soap is a small, independent company that hand-makes its products, they ask that you allow them 4-5 days to process your order before it ships out. I placed my order on 6/15 and I received my package on 6/24, so it took about 4-5 days to process and 4-5 days to ship here, which is reasonable (though I did feel that shipping took a little longer than usual; I live in the Midwest and when I order things from Julep, which is on the West Coast, it gets here in about 3 days, and I'm pretty sure they use the same type of shipping). Unfortunately, there were some problems with my package...
See how there are two? The one I got on 6/24 is the big white box on the left. The box on the right I got 7/12.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday Haul! The Body Shop and LUSH Beach Box Review

Hello! Today's post is going to be all about the shopping I did on my birthday! My birthday came a little bit ago and luckily, it fell on a Sunday this year! My husband was able to get the day off, so we do what we always do when we want to celebrate: we went to our big Mall (yes, it is big enough to warrant being capitalized. I'm pretty sure you all know what Mall I'm talking about, but I like to pretend I am mysterious...)! We went shopping (well, I went shopping), had a really tasty dinner and dessert, then went and saw Pacific Rim in 3D and D-Box! If you don't know what D-Box is (I'm not actually sure if it's even offered at a lot of places, I only know they have it at the theater in the Mall), it's where you get special seats that move and vibrate along with the movie. It's kind of like a mini ride where you don't really go anywhere. You can choose how much movement and vibration you want and my husband and I always put it at max settings. For max awesomeness.

Without any spoilers, I'd say Pacific Rim was an okay to good movie. Honestly, the best parts where when the giant robots fought the monsters. It tried way, way too hard to have a deep plot when, really, it didn't need it. I just wanted to see giant robots fight monsters. That's all I am expecting and that's all it needs to deliver. It also felt like every single character was trying to "out quirk" the rest. EVERYONE had weird habits/ways of dressing/pasts/etc. except for the main character. He was so completely normal that he actually stood out. If you're into big robots and monsters, I would definitely say you should see it, at least in 3D if there are no D-Box theaters near you. It has really slick graphics and is a very visually complex and interesting film. Also the giant robots fighting the monsters was pretty rad. Did I mention that already?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Julep Summertime Big Box Ver. 3 July 2013 Mystery Box - Opening and Review

Hello! This post is going to be all about my July 2013 Julep mystery box - their Summertime Big Box!

For July's mystery boxes, Julep once again gave us a choice: there was a Summertime Days box, a Summertime Nights box, and, if you couldn't pick between those two, there was a Summertime Big Box which would include things from both. Obviously, I can never make decisions like this, so I went with the Big Box! The Night and Day boxes were $25 each (with a product value of $70-$200) and the Big box was $40 (with a product value of $125-$300). I figured I'd be getting more for my money with the Big box, which is how I justified buying it to myself... Regardless of which type of box you got, you'd get two new polishes made especially for the boxes: Monica and Kyla.
Here's my box! According to my packing statement, I got "version 3". I was kind of surprised to see how small it was, considering how it was supposed to have at least $125 worth of products in it. Then again, nail polishes are pretty small, and Julep could have really crammed things in there. As always, I got a "Aren't Surprises Fun?" card and the ubiquitous "Social Beauty" card.

Metamorphose Summer 2013 Skirt Lucky Pack Opening

Hello! Today's post (actually...there might be more than one post today, we'll see. I just like the sound of that opening...) is going to be all about my Summer 2013 Skirt Lucky Pack from the brand Metamorphose!

If you don't know about Metamorphose (full name "Metamorphose Temps de Fille, normally shortened to "Meta"), it's a Japanese clothing brand that specializes in Lolita style clothing. If you don't know what lolita is, it's a Japanese street fashion that is sort of inspired by Victorian fashion. I'm going to paste what Hello Lace, a website dedicated to the cataloging of Lolita clothing and which can be found at, has for their summary of what Lolita is:

"Lolita (ロリータ) is a street fashion and a subculture in Japan, known for its intricate and delicate doll-like look. The clothing is inspired mainly by the Rococo and Victorian eras, but also take influences from current fashion trends. The fashion covers a large variety of sub-styles, and is generally worn by females as there is no male counterpart of Lolita. Men who desire to participate in the fashion often turn to Ouji (a unisex fashion related to Lolita), or Japanese gothic fashion. However, cross-dressing males (also known as brolitas in the west) do exist. One of the most famous Lolita icons, Mana, is a cross-dressing male."

If you are interested in learning more about Lolita fashion, there are many resources online, including the Live Journal community "egl" as well as the board /cgl/ on 4chan (yeah, I know, 4chan and all, but /cgl/ can actually be pretty helpful!).

Anyways! Every now and then, companies in Japan will release special discounted sets called Lucky Packs. Most will do this around New Years to help clear out old stock, but some, like Innocent World and Meta, will release them at other times. I made a post a long time ago about another lucky pack I got from a gyaru clothing brand called Liz Lisa. I also got the winter lucky pack Meta had released last year, but I don't think I had my blog up and running then so there isn't a post about it. For this summer pack, Meta had a few different options. They had a skirt pack which would include a t-shirt, a skirt, a tote, and a couple accessories like socks and hairbows and they also had a special jumper skirt pack which included a jumper skirt (JSK), a blouse, socks, two bows, and a tote. The JSK set was also in a special print, Happy Bell, that you could only get if you bought a lucky pack. For the skirts, you could pick if you wanted a "light" color skirt or a "dark" color skirt. The other items in the bag would be random. I went with a "light" color skirt set since I tend to wear lighter colors, although from what I've seen of other people's packs, it didn't really matter what color you picked (I saw a "dark" pack that came with a white skirt...). The skirt packs were around $90 each, depending on exchange rates and the JSK packs were around $230 each, again depending on exchange rates. Each pack included items that in total were worth more than what you paid, so both were really good deals. After shipping, which is always EMS, I paid around $110 for my light skirt lucky pack.

Here's what I got!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 2013 Julep Maven Bombshell Box - Opening and Review!

Hello! I'm going to try and knock another post out today (and maybe even one more tonight, depending on how I feel. That's how far behind I let myself get again...)! This post is going to be about my July 2013 Julep Maven Bombshell box! I actually got this box in June, on the same day I got my June 2013 Glossybox, which I found pretty amusing. I also got three add-ons with my Maven box this month, so I'll show you guys those as well.

For the month of July, Julep released their "California Coast" collection. This collection includes ten new nail polish colors and two new body products, a sea salt texture spray for hair and a dry body oil. In the Boho Glam, Bombshell, and Classic with a Twist boxes you got two polishes and the dry body oil. In the It Girl box you got three polishes, and in the American Beauty box you got the dry oil and the hair mist.
 I debated a little over which box to get this month, but I settled on the Bombshell box, since I really wanted one of the polishes in it and I wanted to try the dry oil, and then added some extra polishes on top.

June 2013 Glossybox - Opening and Review

Hello! So...unfortunately I did end up falling behind on my posts...I'm not even really sure why. I've been a little busy, but not enough to really get in the way of me posting things in a timely manner. Hopefully I can make it through my backlog of things to post this weekend. It's supposed to be rainy over the next couple days, so that will take care of the temptation to go hang out outside. Enough of me complaining, let's get to the topic of this post: my June 2013 Glossybox!

After my last two Glossyboxes, I was seriously considering unsubscribing, especially since it felt like Glossybox was just throwing samples together randomly, completely disregarding the beauty profile that I had to fill out when I signed up, as evidenced by them sending me a foundation in the darkest shade it came in when, in my profile, it says that I have fair/light skin. The value of my last two boxes was pretty underwhelming as well. Even though I had technically gotten my moneys worth in products, some of the products I would and even could not use, thus making them worthless to me. This box, the June 2013 box, however, has re-instilled my trust in Glossybox's ability to make great sample boxes. Granted, this box came really late, it technically came in June, but it came June 29th, the very last possible day it could come in June, but I think it was worth the wait. A little earlier in the month Glossybox had e-mailed everyone letting them know that the June box would be a little late since there was going to be a substitution with one of the samples (the nail polish). I'm glad there was a switch, since I was much more interested in trying the brand that we got, Sparitual, than the brand that we were originally going to get.

The theme for June 2013's Glossybox was "American Beauty". I've learned to ignore Gossybox themes since they don't really give you an idea of what types of products are included. I think Glossybox kind of just picks something that sounds nice and runs with it.
While this month's box is no exception, they did change up what the box looks like with some nifty artwork by Dallas Shaw!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 2013 Julep Destination Mystery Box - Laguna Beach - Opening and Review

Hello! It's been a long time since I posted anything! There's been a bit of a lull in me doing/getting anything really worth posting about, but now that it's the end of June and beginning of July, I have a lot of things on the way (actually, some things are now here...) so I want to make sure I don't fall behind again! This post is going to be about my Julep Destination Mystery Box.

For this month's mystery box (from what I've seen, Julep does a mystery box every month, shortly after the Secret Shop closes. I don't know if they've always done this, since I've only been a Maven, and have only been buying things from them, since about March.) Julep did something a little different. Instead of just one mystery box, they had three different types you could chose from. Normally, if you chose to buy more than one mystery box, you run the risk of getting two of the same boxes, since there are a few different versions, thus getting doubles of polishes and products. With the three different boxes offered, you could buy one of each and (at least in theory) not get any doubles. The boxes this month were "Destination" themed; there was a Laguna Beach box, which was described as being "trendy, vibrant, and fun", there was a Miami box, which was "bold, glitzy, and energetic", and there was a Hamptons box, which was "preppy, glam, and classic". I debated between getting a Laguna Beach box or a Miami box (I'm not really a Hamptons style of girl), but I finally settled on Laguna Beach. I wanted to avoid getting a neon, garishly bright nail polish since I never wear colors like that, and I felt safer with Laguna Beach than with Miami. Also, I think Laguna Beach is a cooler place.

According to my packing slip, I ended with with version 6 of the Laguna Beach boxes.
 Yes, Julep, surprises are fun!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer Soap Box - Opening and Review

Hello! This post is going to be all about my Fortune Cookie Soap Summer Soap Box. I got this box in the mail about a week ago now, but I wanted to wait until I got a chance to try out the products before I made a post about it. I did a first impressions video but I hadn't tried any of the products yet. Now that I have, I can truly say that I love Fortune Cookie Soap's products. I'm a total convert! All of the products I tried not only smell amazing, but they work wonderfully, too. I used my $10 code and bought a bunch more, so look forward to seeing more reviews on Fortune Cookie Soap products in the near future.

The way the Fortune Cookie Soap Box works is a little different from a lot of other subscription boxes. It's not a monthly box; it's quarterly. Each box is $20 and contains samples of products in the new fragrances that Fortune Cookie Soap has concocted for that quarter. It also includes a $10 off coupon code you can use in the Fortune Cookie Soap store (both online and at the physical store), so the box really only costs $10. In general, the products you get are products Fortune Cookie Soap already makes (so things like sugar scrubs and body butters), but in new, previously unreleased scents. It's a great way to try out Fortune Cookie Soap if you're unsure of what to get, though since it only comes out every three months, you'd have to wait until Fall to get the next one.
I really wish these were monthly boxes, but I know it would be incredibly difficult to come out with so many new fragrances each month.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Julep June 2013 Secret Shop Purchase - Opening and Review

Hello! Today is the first real warm, sunny summer day we've had since, well, winter! And, somehow, I managed to catch a cold... I'm not even sure where I got it from since no one around me has been ill...very odd. I think my immune system has been kind of depressed from my lack of sleep and all the cold, damp gloomy days we've been having. I'm hoping, now that there's finally sun, my cold won't stick around very long. We'll see...

Onto the point of this post! This is my purchase from the June 2013 Secret Shop on The Secret Shop opens the 1st of the month for all Mavens who purchased a box for that month. It has a lot of really great deals on nail polish (there are a lot of trios) and beauty products. I especially like the sets; the ones where you get a lot of products that are kind of "themed" together (so like my last set, the Spring Clean Skincare which came with a scrub, a body butter, and some scrubby towels) for a great price. I get the feeling this is how Julep gets rid of its old stock and extra products as I've noticed some of the packaging is older or products are discontinued.

This month I spent a little more than I intended to, but I got a good set that included some products I really wanted to try and nail polish trio that had a color I really wanted. I don't remember exactly how much I paid, but I believe it was around $35-$38. I got the "Anchors Away" nail polish trio which included the colors Ally, Leila, and Lena and the "Primped n' Proper Mani Set".
Everything came in a big box, though the "P n' P" set came in its own white box as well.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sugar Bunny Shop - Haul and Review!

Hello! I was almost all caught up with my posts, and then I got more things in the mail... But I'm definitely getting there! This post is going to be about my smallish purchase from Sugar Bunny Shop, which can be found at

Sugar Bunny Shop sells a whole bunch of cute stuff, from jewelry and phones charms to stationary and plushies. I first found them due to their Fabulous Pomeranian Glitter Necklace, which is based off this picture:
I didn't buy the necklace this time since there were a few other things I wanted to get first and I was trying to keep the cost of my order down (I've been buying a lot online's not my fault Julep keeps coming out with these amazing deals...). If I bought everything I wanted, my order would have easily been over $100. I really like cute things...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

What My Husband Got Me For Our First Wedding Anniversary

Hello! Sorry about the boring and incredibly specific title to this post, but I really couldn't think of anything better that still accurately described what this post was about. I hinted at it in my previous post about my latest shopping expedition, but my husband got me a very special present for our first wedding anniversary! Just as a heads up, this gets kind of silly and mushy, so if you don't like to read those types of things, feel free to skip this post.

Anniversary Shopping Haul! LUSH, H&M, Crate & Barrel and More!

Hello! My husband and I had our first anniversary last weekend (we got married 06-02-2012 because of the beautiful math. I can weird about numbers sometimes...) and in order to celebrate, we went out to our big mall to go shopping! We did other things, too, but this post is all about the things I picked up on that trip, as well as a couple random extras.

Julep 2013 June Boho Glam Maven Box - Opening and Review

Hello! Whew, these posts just keep coming! Today I'm going to talk about my June 2013 Boho Glam Julep Maven box.

I've kind of been assuming that my readers/viewers know about the subscription services I use, so I haven't been talking about the basics. I'm debating on whether or not that's something I need to include in every post/video (or maybe just put in the description box), or if people are okay just Googling things. What Julep's Maven service is is a monthly subscription where you get high quality nail polish and/or beauty products by Julep for a heavily discounted price. These are kind of like the boxes they would send to beauty editors to get them to try their products and possibly feature them in magazine spreads. What's especially nice about being a Julep Maven is that you get free shipping and everything is 20%. Not only that, but you get special access to the "Secret Shop", which has products and sets at even steeper discounts.

Every month Julep comes out with a new line of polishes that are featured in their Maven boxes. Based on a test you take, you're put into one of five different style categories, which then have their own themed boxes (does that make sense?) for the month. Even though you take a test and are placed in a style category, you're free to choose boxes from the other styles; you're not locked into your own. I'm Boho Glam, but sometimes I like what's in the Bombshell or Classic With a Twist boxes better, so I'm free to choose those instead. You can even choose to skip a month if you don't like anything being offered.
Basically, if you like nail polish, you should seriously consider becoming a Maven.

Friday, June 7, 2013

May 2013 Glossybox - Opening and Review

Hello! This post is going to be all about my May 2013 Glossybox and what I thought of the samples it contained. I'm going to start off by saying that I am pretty disappointed in this box. I'm as disappointed, if not more so, than I was with the April 2013 box.
Especially since this is supposed to be the box that celebrates Glossybox's 1st birthday (in the U.S. at least).

Thursday, June 6, 2013 Order - 2013 Sun Safety Kit and Alterna Bamboo Volume Weightless Mousse

Hello! I an effort to not get backed-up with blog posts again (though technically I already am...), I'm going to try and knock out a couple posts over the next few days. I'm not sure how successful I'll be since my mother-in-law is going to be visiting us for an indeterminate amount of time tomorrow evening, but I'll try and get as much up as I can.

Way back around May 20th, Sephora posted on their Facebook wall that they had their Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kits (that's the full name, but I'll just call it a Sun Safety Kit from here on out) for the 2013 summer season in stock online. These kits are really great; they include a bunch of deluxe samples of products related to "sun safety" such as sunscreens and bronzers. For $30 this year, you got 18 products (plus a little brush) that are supposed to be worth $210. The best part about these kits, though, is that Sephora donates $20 from the sale of a kit to the Skin Cancer Foundation. These kits are IMMENSELY popular and sell out fast. I didn't get one for myself last year, but I managed to snag one as a gift for my mother. One thing that was a little disappointing is that they came in clear plastic cosmetic bags this year, instead of the hard plastic cases they came in last year. I feel like I have more use for a hard case (such as for my nail polish, which is getting a little out of control...) than a soft case, but this is really a minor detail.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Comic Books, Pokemon Cards, and World of Warcraft Mega Bloks

Hello! As you can tell by my very generic title (actually, it's not very generic since it's pretty specific, but you get the idea...), this post is going to be about my recent comic book, Pokemon card, and (a very fortunate) Mega Bloks purchases. Recently, I think I've been in a super, well, "girly" (not that comic books and Pokemon cards are inherently "manly", I'm just being stereotypical for conveniences sake) rut, what with all my fashion and beauty posts to the neglect of my other hobbies. I even made a video of me opening all the booster packs of Pokemon cards I'm going to show you here, but it ended up being a half an hour long and since everything was already opened, I didn't think it was worth refilming. I didn't purchase all of these things at once; this is kind of a highlights reel of the last month or so.

I'll start with the comic books, since there were some of my earlier acquisitions this month. Every year, there's a special day where you can get free comic books from your local comic book shop. It's on the first Saturday in May and is called "Free Comic Book Day" (creative, no?).
This is the bag you get with your free comic books!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

butter London Backstage Basics kit and Knackered nail polish - Review!

Hello! This post is kind of a continuation of my last one in that I want to focus on and review a particular item that I purchased; namely the butter London Backstage Basics kit I got from Ulta!

As I said in my previous post, one of the reasons why I decided to purchase this kit was that I had a $5 off coupon that, even though it technically didn't apply to butter London products because they're considered to be "prestige", the nice ladies at Ulta let me use anyways. I have been interested in getting this kit for a while now, but I always had a hard time justifying the price; $40 including a nail polish. Now that I am more interested in nail polish, spending $40 for a top coat, a base coat, a bottle of remover, a nail polish, and a bonus nail file doesn't seem that extreme (I actually paid around $36 including tax after my coupon). Another reason why I finally got this kit was that my Ulta got the color Knackered back in stock. When I was first exploring nail polish colors and brands, I was immediately drawn to Knackered. It was such a unique color and it looked so beautiful in the bottle, but it always felt too expensive at $15.
When I felt more comfortable purchasing higher end nail polish, Ulta no longer had the color in stock. In fact, when I did purchase my kit, I got the last bottle of Knackered!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Small Haul - Ulta, Kohl's, and Joann Fabrics, Plus Extras!

Hello! I'd like to start by saying Happy Memorial Day to everyone! I'm not actually doing anything today besides staying home from work (with pay! The perks of having a desk job...) since my husband is working (he doesn't have a desk job, but I also think he's getting time and a half today. Hmm...) and it's pretty gloomy out. I've spent a good third of today sleeping, which has been nice, and I don't feel too guilty about it since I got some chores done yesterday (namely, I cleaned the bathroom, which is the chore that always looms over me. I hate cleaning the bathroom, not because I think it's gross so much as I don't like being around chemicals. I try to use bio-degradable and more natural based products, but the unfortunate truth is that they just don't work as well as some of their stronger counterparts).

This post is going to be about my small shopping trip I made on Friday, while it was still semi-nice out. I had a couple coupons that were expiring on Saturday and I wanted to make sure I got to use them. Lucky for me, the three stores that I had coupons for are right next to each other!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Julep "Hooray For May" Mystery Box - Opening and Review

Hello! Today's post is going to be an opening and review of Julep's "Hooray For May" Mystery Box! Per usual, this box was $24.99 and contained a bunch of mystery items (this time it was all nail polishes, at least from what I've seen) that were worth anywhere from $70 to $200.
It also included a special "gifting" polish that came in it's own little satchel and even included a gift tag.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Julep Spring Clean Skincare Set - Opening and Review

Hello! In this post, I'm going to do an opening (except not really because I've already opened it and used it...) and review of my first Julep Secret Shop purchase; the Spring Clean Skincare Set!

Anyways! This was my first time being able to access the Secret Shop, which I believe is only for Mavens and opens up around the first of the month. There are a lot of really good deals in the Secret Shop, but the one that really got my attention was the Spring Clean Skincare Set. For only $17, I got Julep's Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub, Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting, the Scrub Towel and Mitt, and a nail polish. UPDATE: While checking out Julep's website to get more detailed info about these products, and it looks like the Pink Grapefruit Scrub and Frosting are no longer available in the online store. Perhaps Julep made the Spring Clean Skincare Set in order to clear out any remaining stock before they stopped selling it...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mid-Sized Haul - Sephora, Ulta, and Bath & Body Works, Plus Some Extras!

Hello! This post is going to be all about my most recent shopping trip and all the things I purchased. I fully intended to only go to Ulta and pick up two nail polishes, but the mall is right across the street, and I figured why not go and look around. Which then led me to spend a bit more money than I also intended to...but I don't regret it as I was able to pick some things I really wanted to try.

I'll start with my Ulta purchases first, since that's where I originally wanted to go. I wanted to pick up two nail polishes from OPI: Significant Other Color from the Brights collection (a purply duo-chrome) and Pussy Galore from the new Bond Girls collection. The Bond Girl polishes are all in OPI's "liquid sand" formulation, so they have this interesting gritty texture with sparkles throughout. These two colors are very popular, so they were both unfortunately sold out; I guess Pussy Galore has been so ridiculously popular that they haven't been able to keep it in stock. Last time I checked, both colors were still in stock online, but I don't really want to pay shipping. Luckily, there is a special mini Bond Girls set that includes Pussy Galore!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 2013 Julep Maven Box Opening and Review - Bombshell Box Plus Add-Ons!

Hello! This post is going to be the opening and review of my May 2013 Julep Maven box!

I actually got this on April 30th, which I found amusing. I had ordered some add-ons as well, but they didn't arrive until May 3rd. Julep was (and still is, I think) having issues with shipping notifications and tracking numbers going out, so I never received an e-mail shipping confirmation for my add-ons. I got a little worried when my May box arrived without my extras, so I rechecked my shipping confirmation e-mail and saw that the add-ons ship separately from the boxes. It makes sense that Julep would send things like add-ons separately since they probably have all the boxes made up before hand and just stick shipping labels on them when they send them out (though in my welcome box they included my add-on). I ended up e-mailing customer service and about four days later got a reply saying that my add-ons had shipped on May 1st and they included a tracking number for me. They were very nice, and considering how many people were probably e-mailing them with questions, they replied in a timely manner. What I like about Julep is that you can actually call them and talk to someone if you have an issue.
I just prefer to e-mail and wait because I'm pretty shy (oh man that sounds lame...).

April 2013 Glossybox Opening and Review

Hello! I'm getting close now to being fully caught up with everything I've been meaning to post (though I keep buying things I want to post about and now those are starting to pile up...). This post is going to be all about my April 2013 Glossybox!

I got my box the last few days of April, so it did actually come in April, which is good. I know a lot of people have been complaining that Glossybox ships out way too late, though Glossybox keeps responding that they mean for the box to ship out at the end of the month. It is kind of frustrating to get charged for the box during the first or second week of the month (I've already been charged for my May box) and then have to wait until the very end to get the box; a lot of people bring up the very valid point that if you want to unsubscribe because you're unhappy with your box, you have a very small window of time to do it in. On the one hand, I do feel bad for Glossybox since, on their Facebook page, they try and post really cheerful, "rah rah!" kinds of posts and all the comments seem to run along the lines of: "when is this month's box going to ship?" or "why are you releasing special boxes and not shipping this months?". It's a shame because I feel like Glossybox has so much going for it, especially since it's established in so many different countries, and I really want them to succeed and to be able to keep sending us great products.

I want to start by saying that I'm...slightly disappointed in my April 2013 box. My March 2013 was very good and I was very happy with it and the April one feels a bit like a let down. The March box had four full sized products in it and was worth $76.45, whereas this box only has one (kind of two) full sized products and is only valued at $41.35. I'm still getting my money's worth, and the point of these boxes are to try new things that you wouldn't normally buy for yourself, but I'm just not as interested in the products in the April box as I was the ones in my March. It also looks like there wasn't any variety in the April boxes; that everyone got the same thing.
Finally, I was hoping this box would come with the Glossymag since my March box didn't, but it looks like they put it online this month in honor for Earth Day, which is cool, but now I still don't know if the first time not getting the magazine was a fluke or if it's something I need to look into.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

First Order - First Drug Store Make-up?! Also Some Random Extras

Hello! Still getting caught up with all these "intended posts". This post is going to be about my very first order from, as well as my (sort of ) very first drug store make-up!

I suppose I should start by explaining the "first drug store make-up" thing. Before I made this purchase, I did not own any make-up from a drug store. I buy things like lip balms and sunscreens from drug stores/supermarkets (I haven't actually bought anything from a typical drug store like Walgreens or CVS, all my "drug store" sundries come from Target), but I didn't own any actual make-up. In fact, the only make-up I have ever purchased from a drug store was one of those "true match" concealers (the kind that supposedly match a whole range of skin tones perfectly and come in about three different shades) when I was in high school to use under my eyes (I have the worst under eye circles, ever. I basically lost the genetic lottery when it came to those suckers.) and that's it. I didn't really get into make-up until very recently, maybe within the past three years or so, with my very first purchase, besides that concealer (and remember, this doesn't count lip balms and things like that), being benefit's "Hello Flawless!" powder compact in the color "Petal" (this was before they expanded the color line and that was the lightest shade available) from Sephora. The color was off, but I was in love with the idea of "fancy" make-up and just kept buying it. I have nothing against drug store make-up nor the people who chose to purchase and wear it; it's just for me, personally, I'd much rather spend a little more and get a product that I perceive to be higher quality (not that that is always the case, though).

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box from April 2013 Opening

Hello! Like the title says, this post is going to be all about my Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box from April 2013.

This is my very first Julep mystery box and I'm very glad I bought it! I love love love mystery boxes and I can't wait for them to release another one. For this box, they were launching their "Sea Salt finish" polishes, which are nail polishes with a gritty texture. I know it sounds kind of weird, but it looks really cool on and the texture adds some interesting contrast if you use it on an accent nail. I don't think they've added the sea salt polishes to their online store yet, at least not from what I've seen. In the boxes, you were guaranteed one of the new sea salt polishes. There are three different colors; a taupe, a beige, and a black. Each box also contained at least $70 dollars worth of products, but could have up to $200 worth of items (this is "retail value"; Maven's technically got less value for their boxes since they pay less for the products to begin with. The boxes were $25, so it's still a pretty good deal, especially if you got a $200 value box.)
As an added bonus, one of the mystery boxes also contained a $1000 Visa gift card!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sephora VIB Chic Week Tote and Random Make-Up and Accessories Haul

Hello! Still trying to get this glut of posts all typed up and published! I may even try to get one more post up today; it'll depend on how long this one takes. This post is going to focus on what I got in my VIB tote from Sephora to celebrate the start of their Chic Week (which was April 11th, so that just shows how behind I am...) as well as some other purchases I made from MAC, Macy's, and Forever 21!

Let's start with what brought me to the mall: the Sephora VIB Chic Week tote!

March and April 2013 Julep Maven Boxes - Opening and Review

Hello! I have been putting this off for so long, and I have no idea why. I feel like the longer I wait to post these, the less I want to do them (which might be because I think that I've forgotten a lot...). So without further ado, here's the opening and review of the March 2013 Modern Beauty Julep Maven box and the April 2013 Classic with a Twist Julep Maven box! Incidentally, if you don't feel like reading things, I have videos on Youtube now!

I'm sorry if this isn't the most detailed opening/review, like I said, it's been a while since I've received these boxes and I've gotten even more stuff in the meantime, so it all kind of blurs together. After getting my Boho Glam welcome box, I was pretty hooked on Julep products. I had gotten a sample of their Glycolic Hand Scrub and I fell in love. Luckily, their March 2013 Modern Beauty box (it's called "American Beauty" now) had both the Glycolic Hand Scrub and their Rock Star Hand Cream at a much cheaper price than if I were to buy them from the store. I also wanted to get an April 2013 Maven box because I wanted to try the Nail & Cuticle Serum and because I missed getting an April box (I signed up to be a Maven at the very end of March, so I missed the 20th-24th box selection time frame. So, even though I'm on my...fifth box from them, I've only actually gotten one subscription box during the actual subscription time frame. I do really like that they let you buy the past boxes while they're still in stock.).
I had a hard time deciding between the Bombshell box and the Classic with a Twist box, though now I kind of regret not getting the Bombshell because people have described one of the polishes included in it as "Tardis blue" and I have been known to enjoy Dr. Who...oh well! I'm still very happy with my choice to get a Classic with a Twist box and the polish colors it came with.